Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-12-21

Jun. 3 2017 — 3:24p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS The Highlights continues to plot attacks against the pipeline in ND with the remaining harder line protestors; it appears they are no longer considering peaceful prayer demonstrations. Bold Iowa continues training sessions in IA as a group ofactivists from Green Corps have joined the effort. Construction in IL is on schedule to be complete by 23DEC while SD has further reduced the size of the security team. The Details 1. NORTH DAKOTA A. Intel Update TigerSwan The ACLU and other organizations are requesting to use out-of?state attorneys who are not members of the ND bar to assist with protester legal defense, as 264 people still have no representation. Reporting indicates is planning a complex attack on a valve site within 30 miles ofthe camps that would involve ?lling the pipe with concrete while the remaining protesters overwhelm HDD-?vlvr with waves of activists. The protestors reportedly have a radio signal jammer device courtesy of Anonymous. Past 24 Hours Hop-w updates: no workers on site today for Michel?s or Precision, IP Cameras deployed, black picked up from Kupper Chevrolet this morning and taken to Glenn?s welding sh op to have light kit installed, blue buggy taken to Moritz Marine to get fixed. HDD-E updates: small crew of 8-10 Michels workers on site for the next few days to coat pipe/back ?ll and service/switch out light plants and generators. Next 24 Hours Maintain vigilance in anticipation of future demonstrations at North Bridge and Turtle Hill. Continue security efforts at HDD-W, HDD-E, valve sites and Man dan Municipal Airport. Morton County Sheriff?s Department, ND Highway Patrol, and ND DOT plan to inspect North Bridge on 22DEC in preparation to open the road. Core samples will take approximately 30 days to be analyzed. Prepared for En ergy Transfer Partners

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS 2. IOWA A. Intel Update 1} Approximater 8 people attended the Bold Iowa activist training in Grinnell on ZUDEC. who are both professors at Grinnell College, hosted the meeting. - as previouslvr been involved with Canvas People- Power, an organization that helps people organize to start nonviolent revolutions. 2} Members from of the Green Corps also attended the Bold Iowa meeting in IGrinnell. B. Past 24 Hours 1} Continued static secu ritvr at the I-35 pump station. 2} Travelled to Grinnell, IA to observe the Bold Iowa training session and then stopped at the pump station to speak with guard force. C. Next 24 Hours 1} Continue to perform static securityr the I-35 Pump station. 2} Travel to the Des Moines meeting site to observe the Bold Iowa training. 3. ILLINOIS A. Intel Update 1} The Patoka Pipe ?fard continues to accumulate pipe as the retrograde of equipment from the ROW continues. Current securityr is adequate for the short term. The surveyr for a perimeter fence is complete. 2} Activist groups continue their attempt to exploit their 18DEC protest as a means to garner support and funding. The Chicago-based groups continue to believe that construction is not vet complete. 3} Local landowners and LE remain supportive and verv receptive to ETP operations along the ROW in both Favette and Marion Counties. 4} Current threat assessment remains low. 5} Estimated completion of construction phase remains 23D EC. B. Past 24 Hours 1} Construction crews continued cleanup of the Kaskaskia HDD site with the removal of matting and heavvr equipment. 2} All valve sites ?tted with locks to inhibit access to those sites. 3} Conducted site visits and secu rityr analysis at the Patoka Pipe ?fard, Kaskaskia HDD site and valve sites along the ROW. C. Next 24 Hours 1} Meeting with ETP Construction management team. 4. SOUTH DAKOTA TigerSwan Prepared for En ergvr Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS A. Intel Update 1} No significant intel to report. B. Past 24 Hours 1} Secu l?It'y' team reduced to 9 personnel. 2} Secu l?It'y' continued static security:r at the pump station and escort of electricians. C. Next 24 Hours 1} Continu static securityr at the pump station and escort of electricians. TigerSwan Prepared for En erg?yr Transfer Partners

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