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Jun. 6 2017 — 3:57p.m.


Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1 A. (TS//SI) We are aware that your Committee is interested in unauthorized disclosures that may have affected intelligence operations. In light of the recent terrorist attacks on America, we wanted to advise you of the unauthorized disclosures over the past three years of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) derived information of high-level concern to U.S. policy makers. These disclosures, as noted below, have had a detrimental effect on our ability to produce intelligence against terrorist targets and other targets of national concern. Please note, we have not discussed all confirmed media disclosures regarding NSA reporting or NSA capabilities that did not result in a change to our target or where not subsequently sent to the Department of Justice for further investigation. B. (U//FOUO) As noted in history, press leaks could result in our adversaries implementing Denial and Deception (D&D) practices. C. (C) The following is a listing of such disclosures surrounding National Security Agency sources and methods or NSA’s ability to successfully exploit a given foreign target for which compromise assessment reports, known as Cryptologic Insecurities (CIs), have been completed. Also included is an assessment of our current ability to collect on these targets. (Read: author, title, publisher, publication date, known or postulated impact to U.S. Signals Intelligence Operations.) ( Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1

Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1 " 10. Nowicki, Marvin, E., Ph.D., "Letters to the Editor: Tragic 'Gross Error' In a 1967 Attack," The Wall Street Journal, 16 May 2000. Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1

Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1 (TS//SI) This was a letter to the editor in response to a chapter in James Bamford's "Body of Secrets" regarding the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. There was no change in the target as a result of this disclosure. The target has planned upgrades to fiber and cable. NSA cannot confirm whether this upgrade is a result of this disclosure. Classification: TOP SECRET//COMINT//ORCON//NOFORN//X1

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