Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2017-02-17

Jun. 21 2017 — 3:08p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS The Highlights The camp was forced into allowing outside services to enter and begin the cleanup from the northern entrance. This was presided by an initial high tension meeting which later defused. The protesters continue to demonstrate the ability to continue to procrastinate and delay the inevitable conclusion which will happen on the 22nd of February. This “Clean-up” will also entail the Camp 4 portion, which many of the protestors reside along the river banks of the Cannonball River. Tune in tomorrow as the next edition of the “How the Sacred Rock Camp Turns” The Details 1. NORTH DAKOTA FUSION CENTER i. Intel Update a. The ND State Legislature’s willingness to work together and pass bills aimed at increasing penalties during protest actions signifies the sentiment of the ongoing protests around the State. If approved and signed by the ND Governor the higher penalties may limit the growth of protest camps, though may also increase protesters to take direct actions against such measures, as indicated by social media posts and comments during live feeds. b. The protesters desire to ‘shoot’ down unfamiliar drones is not new, however may have progressed from historical radio chatter of specifically calling to use sling shots. Recent reporting indicates there may be long rifles in the camps which could be used in attempts to eliminate a valuable ISR platform to monitor protester activities and a potential indicator of an increased threat from firearms by protesters. c. The initial tensions of USACE entering Camp 2 to conduct clean-up could escalate quickly if LE becomes involved. The protestors seem to be willing to engage in non-violent discussions, at this time, but are likely attempting to stall their departure for a potential PR win that could be used in propaganda to solicit more support. ii. Past 24 Hours a. North Dakota’s Senate approved one of three bills. The other two bills were amended and sent to the House for reconsideration, with anticipated approval. The bills regarded penalties for riot offenses, wearing a mask while committing a crime, and enhance criminal trespass penalties. b. Radio communication among protestors indicate they want to “shoot down” drones flying over the camps not identified as belonging to anyone in the camps. c. 75-100+ protestors engaged with Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and other government officials on the South Bridge, initially denying USACE access to Camp 2 to facilitate an assessment on the clean-up process. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS iii. Next 24 Hours a. Reinforcement/repairing of damaged perimeter wire of HDD-E and HDD-W due to snow melting. b. Sustain security efforts in HDD-E, HDD –W and MMA. c. Continued monitoring of social media accounts, ISR feeds, and other sources of information to provide accurate assessments of protestor activities which may impact DAPL operations. 2. IOWA SECURITY ADVISORY i. ii. iii. Intel Update a. Bold Iowa Protesters have a statewide direct action planned for 22 February, 2017. Link to Event Past 24 Hours a. Met with LT Mark Stine of the Iowa State Patrol about the pending 22 Feb Bold Iowa Day of Protest. LT Stine is very familiar with the main actors involved, and said he has arrested them a few times. He is going to have his Intel Cell investigate the 22 Feb planned protest and follow up with the Iowa Security Team. b. Visited the I-35 pump station. Permanent fencing has been completed around the site, but in some places, there is a gap of 18-24 inches from the bottom of the fence to the ground. Suggested to one of the construction workers operating a Bobcat, that he should fill in the gaps around the fence to improve security. The Bobcat operator was very responsive to the suggestion and said he would make the improvements. Next 24 Hours a. Assess the Cambridge Pump Station and valve sites as needed. b. Continue planning security operations for the 22 Feb Iowa Bold Day of Action 3. ILLINOIS FUSION CENTER i. Intel Update a. Illinois Activists have been sharing this video from Earthjustice. This is the first time that has come to our attention as a source of information, though they have consistently remained anti-DAPL through republished documents. 1. ref=SEARCH&fref=nf TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. ii. iii. This video has been reposted on Illinois Anti-DAPL sites. It is calling for Biker gangs. Recent posts at the source site are calling for the video posting a hack, however the video remains on both the source and the Illinois NoDAPL site. It appears to be calling for notoriously violent biker gangs to join the protest at Standing Rock. 1. Past 24 Hours a. Liaised with the DAPL office in Springfield, IL Next 24 Hours a. Conduct pipeline infrastructure security inspections b. Conducted intelligence coordination for the special project c. Conduct open source intelligence collection TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

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