Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2017-02-22

Jun. 21 2017 — 3:07p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS The Highlights No wall was ever constructed around media hill. The protestors started burning buildings, Tepees and Yurts last evening and continued through the day, claiming it was ceremonial. Many have left the camp resulting in 100-150 protestors left to be evicted. We do anticipate BAT (Bold Action Teams) in Iowa to utilize the weekend to further their efforts. . The Details 1. NORTH DAKOTA FUSION CENTER ii. iii. iv. Intel Update a. The planned construction of a wall on Media Hill in Camp 2, supported by social media posts and live feeds, indicate there are protesters, ranging from approximately 100-150, planning to stay beyond the established 1400 hrs. deadline of eviction with the understanding they will be arrested. b. The use of alcohol by protesters is identified in Facebook live feeds throughout the night of 21 February. Added with the increased tensions of the pending eviction of Camp 2 residents, the situation could quickly escalate. c. Identified posts on social media indicate some protesters from Standing Rock, ND plan to relocate to other sites along DAPL, specifically in Iowa. The movement of protesters signifies their willingness to disrupt DAPL operations anywhere/way they are able. Past 24 Hours a. At approximately 1730 hrs. protesters began setting structure fires around Camp 2, with the fires continually burning. Social media live feeds on Facebook indicate they plan to continue the burns. b. Obtained overhead imagery from ISR assets indicated protesters slowed cleanup efforts and began preparing for the anticipated serving of a mandated eviction notice Next 24 Hours a. Continued monitoring of Open Source information, ISR feeds, and other sources of information to provide accurate assessments of protester activities which may impact DAPL operations 2. IOWA SECURITY ADVISORY ii. TigerSwan Intel Update Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS iii. iv. TigerSwan a. Bold Iowa Protesters have a statewide direct action planned for 22 February, 2017. Link to Event b. Multiple high occupancy vehicles and vans loaded with probable BAT members were seen scouting sites at approx. 1600 21Feb17 IVO (In Vicinity Of) LR4 (launcher/receiver 4) in Wapello County (Sheriff’s Dept has been notified by Iowa Security Team) c. MPCOA based off protestor’s scouting locations and observing a reduction in Security personnel at all sites in IA that they may intensify their Direct Actions. d. Shiyé Bidzííl claimed during a live feed on the night of 21 Feb 2017 he is leaving Standing Rock, ND and traveling to Iowa. His exact destination in Iowa is not known, but based on the statement in his video of the Uhaul box truck behind him, it may be the supply truck that was previously reported to aid in the creation of the Earth Mother Community Education Camp (EMCEC) IVO Williamsburg, IA. e. Heather Pearson posted to the Facebook event: “Something to keep in mind for future BATs....don't post the destination/target of the actions on Facebook. Not even on your personal page. Only through PMs. Our posts are monitored and you are giving those businesses/offices/law enforcement a heads up, making our strategy less effective.” 763971 f. Bold Iowa TTPs are evolving and developing based off lessons learned. Previous Direct Action BAT teams were launched from a central location in a large 80 vehicle convoy. Today’s Direct Action BAT teams are being launched from multiple locations across IA, future BAT Direct Actions may not overtly disclose locations g. stated on the event webpage "we are going to Senator King's office" Note: This could possibly US Rep Steve King, representative for Iowa’s 4 th District Past 24 Hours a. Completed applications for Iowa Security Guard and Private Investigator licenses for the State of Iowa b. Briefed and placed security at the Cambridge Pump Station c. Briefed the Chief Inspector at the Cambridge Pump Station on the security that will be placed at the Station on the 22d. d. Coordination was made with TS IL Intel ISO of the potential for protestors to traverse to and from the IA/IL border across the Mississippi River. This event actually occurred at a previous Direct Action against the DAPL. Next 24 Hours Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS a. Assess the Cambridge Pump Station and valve sites as needed, inspecting the sites for any possible damage from the 22 Feb 2017 Day of Direct Action 3. ILLINOIS FUSION CENTER ii. Intel Update a. #NoDAPL activists have begun soliciting donations to the Water Protector Legal Collective in preparation of the 22 February eviction at North Dakota camps. b. Direct Action training is beginning throughout the Chicago area in the upcoming weeks and months. i. Lifted Voices: The training is being hosted by Lifted Voices, a collective of organizers from multiple organizations, founded by Kelly Hayes. The location of the class is being withheld publically and is only being released to the attendees via email. There are 20 people currently scheduled to attend with 10 seats still available. (This would be a good opportunity for us to get someone inside, become known and gather the most current direct action TTPs. While Lifted Voices is not a #NoDAPL organization, Kelly Hayes has influenced organizing protest events and has spoken at the last two events in Chicago.) 741829.1671910449688969/1869917279888284/?type=3&theater Application: 3TZuki57LuZYXJ1M rXtfzdvcoWwjNmfg/viewform?c=0&w=1 ii. Organizer Training is scheduled to be conducted in 4 March 2017 in Chicago. c. A “Resistance Fair” will be held 08 April 2017 in Chicago. The event resembles a job fair and volunteer recruitment by a number of organizations. Currently antioil/gas organizations have not been specifically listed as participants however environment is a key topic and this notification was posted at a #NoDAPL website. iii. TigerSwan d. Loyola University will be hosting the Annual Climate Change Conference 16-17 March 2017. This year’s conference, “Climate Justice: The Struggle for Our Common Home,” will feature discussion about our world’s current environmental issues (such as the water crisis in Flint Michigan and the pipeline protests at Standing Rock Reservation). This conference will have many of the student environmental organizers present and will provide a good understanding of the narrative going forward for opposition of future pipeline projects. a. Past 24 Hours Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS iv. TigerSwan a. Compiled data in preparation for Chicago protest reports b. Monitored open source news for reporting and current narratives on the current DAPL situation Next 24 Hours a. Conduct physical inspection of Illinois DAPL facilities along the Iowa border in order to ensure the security of those facilities during the upcoming BOLD – Day of Action in Iowa. b. Compile trip report and storyboard for 19-20 protests. Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 4

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