Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2017-02-26

Jun. 21 2017 — 3:07p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS The Highlights The MMA experienced a visit from a previous sewage producer who was looking for a “Airplane Ride” and much to my disappointment, I was unavailable. He packed up his spouse and child and decided to head down to the old camp. (Perhaps he is foul with current events) Upon reaching the BIA checkpoint, Mr. Producer decided to get violent with the BIA agents and was subsequently body slammed by a BIA Officer, he was arrested and so was his spouse. I believe the child went to Child Protective Services. So goes another day by. On another note in IOWA the Earth Mother Community Education Camp AKA EMCEC had an open house on their newly christened 14 acre private camp. This is supposed to be a “training camp” and is approximately 40 miles from the Cambridge Pump Station. . The Details 1. NORTH DAKOTA FUSION CENTER ii. iii. iv. TigerSwan Intel Update a. The incident at the MMA indicates the protester’s level of frustration and attempts to use a target of opportunity to obtain propaganda footage. Events like this are typically live streamed for propaganda efforts, though this event was not. The male’s subsequent arrest at a BIA checkpoint was live streamed and is gaining social media traction, specifically attempting to incite outrage towards the BIA. b. Protesters remaining in Camps 4 and 7 believe a raid and eviction is imminent. There are no identified instances of the remaining protesters calling for violent action in retaliation for the pending eviction, though the incident could quickly escalate due to the remaining individuals hardline stance and attitude towards the BIA Past 24 Hours a. One male and one female probed the MMA, asking to fly and belligerently engaged DAPL personnel. The male was then arrested at a BIA checkpoint approximately 30 minutes after leaving the MMA. b. Assisted and provided support to Law enforcement with the on-going security of Camp 2. c. Continued monitoring of protester migration Next 24 Hours a. Continued monitoring of Open Source information, ISR feeds, and other sources of information to provide accurate assessments of protester activities which may Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS impact DAPL operations, specifically threats of sabotage to equipment or valve sites. b. Monitoring social media and other sources of information to determine any planned violent response to the anticipated clearing of Camp 4. 2. IOWA SECURITY ADVISORY ii. iii. TigerSwan Intel Update a. Mni Wiconi Fundraiser ISO Iowa Camp The event ran from 1900-2400, in the Wildwood Saloon on the outskirts of downtown Iowa City. Admission to the event was $25 cover charge at the door, plus donations. Iowa Security Team identified approximately 25-30 vehicles in the parking lot at any time, with mostly Iowa License plates but also several Illinois plates as well. A band out of Chicago was playing music and asking for donations for production costs in addition to the cover fee. The IL/IA license plates suggest the potential liaison and coordination for the new Iowa camp moving forward. Due to the demographic of Iowa City being college students, (approximately 33,000 students attend the University of Iowa) a shuttle was running from Iowa City Yacht Club to the event, making transportation easier for the targeted audience and for recruiting efforts. b. Shiyé Bidiil live streamed Saturday night from a Grinnell event ISO Iowa Camp being inaugurated 26 Feb1 7 in Williamsburg, IA. Shiyé Bidiil stated that relatives from Canada and other out of state areas would be joining in solidarity with the Camp. Shiyé Bidill will be running Iowa camp security and drone surveillance. from Sacred Stone was present in Grinnell, further collaborating with our previous assessment that financial support would be funneled from other donations. Shiyé Bidiil has asked for Didi Banerji to come to camp as a medic. Other key players present were Prolific, Eddie Too Swift Simpson, Thomas Touches Lightning Bettles, and from the Meskwaki tribe was also at the Grinnell event. c. The Iowa Camp is described as a fallback point for all "water protestors" and a "safe space" for them to rest, retrain, and resupply IOT continue harassing antiEnergy Project campaigns. Past 24 Hours a. Drove to Iowa City, Iowa to attend the Mni Winconi Fundraiser event at the Wildwood Saloon in Iowa City. Upon arriving, noticed about 25-30 cars in the parking lot, but people walking up to the entrance, then turning around leaving. The bar was charging a $25.00 cover charge to “raise money for the protesters of the pipeline” as told by the tie-dyed shirt wearing, long-haired, patchouli oil smelling doorman at the bar. At this point, decided not to give the #NoDAPL crowd $50.00 and departed the bar. The outrageous cover charge was not Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS iv. mentioned on the event page for the fundraiser, and it was catching a lot of patrons off guard at the door. b. We drove by the US Bank and Wells Fargo Banks in Iowa City and found that on the 22 Feb, protesters had painted “RESIST” on the Wells Fargo bank building and “F$%K DAPL” and “RESIST” on the US Bank building. Wells Fargo had not yet made an effort to remove the graffiti form the building, but US Bank had made a remarkable effort to remove the graffiti from the building and was not very noticeable to the average person passing by the building. c. The fire at the Wells Fargo complex in West Des Moines on the 22d was not a case of arson. According to a female employee from there, the fire started in a break room by a TV with faulty wiring. The fire travelled up the wall to the 3d and 4th floors. The building will be closed approx. 6-8 weeks. Next 24 Hours a. Plan and prep for reconnaissance of the Meskawki Reservation/Casino b. Track the progress of the camp in Iowa County, continue to work with local law enforcement in regards to the camp 3. ILLINOIS FUSION CENTER ii. Intel Update a.North Dakota Fusion has alerted the GSOC and IL-TS that Tawasi, an activist from North Dakota has made claims of his future plans of travel and actions in Illinois which involves the Patoka Pump Station and Pipe Yard. b. Tawasi was arrested in ND on 12/27/2016 for criminal trespass. DOB: 04/27/1976 and his full legal name is Tawasi. Tawasi’s known arrest record has been shared with the proper authorities. Below shows a picture of him. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS iii. Past 24 Hours a. Started coordination’s with law enforcement and contracted security for possible upcoming activist action at the Patoka pump station on 03MAR17. b. Conducted open source research of activities within Illinois or within Illinois sphere of influence. c. Conducted physical security checks of pipeline infrastructure IVO Patoka, IL Next 24 Hours a. Conduct open source monitoring of activist groups b. Continued correspondence with law enforcement and contract security ensuring a comprehensive plan is in place for the possible activist action on 03MAR17 c. Conduct physical security checks of pipeline facilities along the I-72 corridor iv. Notes and comments TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 4

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