Cryptologic shore support

Sep. 13 2017 — 6:34p.m.


UK CONFIDENTIAL SECTION THREE CHAPTER FIFTEEN RN CRYPTOLOGIC SHORE SUPPORT INTRODUCTION 1. Cryptologic shore support is designed to provide technical SIGINT information to Cryptologic teams embarked in mobile sea, air and land units. This support is global, and is provided from a combination of UK and US sources. 2. Shore support is provided for both tactical and strategic missions. 3. There are 4 Maritime Cryptologic Integration Centres (MCICs) worldwide, of which 3 are situated within the US Fleet Information Operation Centres (FIOCs). These are: TABLE 1 – 1 US FIOC MARITIME CRYPTOLOGIC CENTRES SIGAD USJ-750 LOCATION Kunia, Hawaii USN-26 Medina, Texas USN-18 Fort Gordon, Georgia AREA Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, China Sea Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America, South Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and the Adriatic Sea. Levant and North Africa (LENA), Northern Arabia, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa, Arabian and Persian Gulfs. 4. The fourth MCIC is based at RAF Digby in Lincolnshire UK. It remains unique as it is the only combined RN/USN site. MCIC Digby is responsible for providing worldwide cryptologic support on a 24/7 basis to UK missions and to Allied units operating in the following areas: a. North Atlantic Ocean (north of 30 degrees north latitude and east of 60 degrees west longitude), the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea’s, North and Sub-Saharan Africa. 5. Full details of the MCICs’ target countries can be found in NAVSECGRU INSTRUCTION S3230.2C. (SUBJ: MARITIME CRYPTOLOGIC INTEGRATION CENTERS). CRYPTOLOGIC FPN 105 15 - 1 UK CONFIDENTIAL Original

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