UK Airhandler trainees

Sep. 13 2017 — 6:35p.m.


SECRET PROPOSED ARTICLE FOR GC LATEST UK AIRHANDLER TRAINEES CONTINUE TO EXCEL AT NSAG During the recent visit to NSA/CSS Georgia (NSAG) by , USAF, who is the Deputy Chief / Central Security Service (DCH/CSS)*, at NSAW, the UK Airhandler** Team, who are currently deployed to NSAG, were presented with one of the General’s Coins, in recognition of their recent excellent operational performance and great team work. , the Senior UK AH Mission Manager, received the coin on behalf of the team (see below): Caption: Team’s award. USAF, congratulating following the UK AH The General presented a number of individual coins during his visit, but this was the only team award, which speaks volumes for how well thought of the UK AH team is at NSAG. SECRET

SECRET The UK AH Team has been established at NSAG since Feb 08. To date we have seen 2 tranches of 9 personnel successfully attend training and operational consolidation and we are getting ready to welcome Tranche 3, which comprises of a further 5 trainees from across the Joint Service Signals Organisation (JSSO). Caption: Members of UK AH Tranche 1 and 2. (L to R) , , , , Well done to all personnel associated with the UK AH Team, who continue to fly the flag for the UK at NSAG and are helping to strengthen, what is already, a very close working relationship, between Digby and NSAG. *As the DCH/CSS is the principal advisor to the DIRNSA/CHCSS on military cryptologic issues. DCH/CSS oversees the function of the military cryptology system; develops policy and guidance on the contributions of military cryptology to the SIGINT/INFOSEC enterprise; considers issues and trends across the extended enterprise to ensure optimal use of military resources in accomplishment of NSA/CSS mission; manages and cultivates the partnerships between NSA/CSS and the Service Cryptologic Elements (SCEs); and ensures military capabilities to fulfill the National Cryptologic Strategy. **AIRHANDLER is the SIGINT collection package used on the PREDATOR unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV). Currently NSAG is the only site equipped to handle the back end of the AIRHANDLER mission. The UK has purchased three PREDATORs and, once the JSSO operators have been trained, Digby will become the second site capable of providing this support. SECRET

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