SSO Weekly Brief 25 April 2013: Excerpt

Nov. 30 2017 — 3:08p.m.


TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN//20320601 ITOP SECRET //SI//NOFORN 18\ ~ I (TS//SII U.S.-B ; eporting Highligh ' esire to Attack US (TS//SI//NF) S2I12 issued a single somce repo1i on 10 Apr 2013: - U.S.-based Uzbek Fazliddin Kurbano v discusses continuing "work" with Pakistan-based Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan - Kurban ov previously expre ssed desire to attack U.S. with family of suicide bomber s and to build a car bomb - Kurban ov also involved with explosives testing and raising money for IMU - Believes he is under stuveillan ce, but remain s undeten-ed - FBI does have him unde r obse1vat ion L MU Logo ___ I TOP SECRET//SI//NOFOFili_J TOP SECRET//SI/NOFORN (TS//81//NF) 82112 issued a sing le source report based on PRISM Skype collect ion on 10 Apri l 2013 descr ibing U.S.-based Uzbek refugee Fazliddin Kurbanov 's discussions with Pakistan-based Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan official Adnan (3/00 /511915-13 ). Kurbano v expressed desire to attack the US in previous reporting and discussed exp losives work . This report descr ibed how Kurbano v believed he was under surveillance (which he is by the FBI) but was cautiously cont inuing his work, which was not specified - could be raising money for the IMU or exp losives testing . Adnan wanted Kurbano v to set this work in motion , probab ly related to send ing money back to the IMU. Kurbano v previously prom ised Adnan that he wou ld raise money in the United States for the IMU. See 3/00 /506950-13 282022Z FEB 13 (sing le source PRISM Skype , and Yahoo chat); For previous reporting on Kurbano v and his explosi ves activities , see 3/00 /506950-13 282022Z FEB 13, 3/00 /504932-13 131355Z FEB 13 (sing le source PRISM Skype), and 3/00 /534119-12 DTG 181623Z OCT 12 TEXT CORRECTION 122000Z DEC 12 (single source PRISM Skype ). For previous reporting on his approach to the IJU, see 3/00 /507427-13 051626Z MAR 13. TOP SECRET//SI/NOFORN TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN//20320601 13

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