SLIC Operations Email 2016-09-01

Dec. 11 2017 — 9:57p.m.


From: "Leingang, Ben" <[email protected]> To: "Aukland, Anthony T." <[email protected]>, "Leingang, Ben" <[email protected]>, "Bitz, Rachel N." <[email protected]>, "Larson, Cody W." <[email protected]>, "Dahl, Thomas J." <[email protected]>, "Hanson, Darin T." <[email protected]>, "Harris, Roger J." <[email protected]>, "Hudson, Sgt. Patrick C." <[email protected]>, "Hagel, Kirk A." <[email protected]>, "Ritteman, Quinnlyn M." <[email protected]>, "Haas, Robert C." <[email protected]>, "Wentz, Ryan" <[email protected]>, "Wangler, James M." <[email protected]> CC: Subject: SLIC Operations Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 11:30:06 -0500 ----------------Due to numerous requests to have a SLIC analyst at the EOC by Deputy Chief Paul Leingang and a recent request by the TAG and my supervisor Phil Pfenning, I am going to assign Cody Larson to the EOC effective immediately. Cody is going to be tasked with : * Creating link charts on leaders of the movement (ones who are committing or advocating criminal activity) * Creating link charts on leaders of the movement who have selfidentified (open source) or have been identified (lawfully) by another law enforcement agency. * Conducting/assisting in the collection of social media posts which contain threats (direct/indirect) or advocate violence against law enforcement * Copying criminal intelligence forms filled out by Mandan PD * Identifying the individuals arrested during the protest and checking to see if LE has conducted a criminal history check on those individuals * Gathering reports in any format in regards to counter intelligence or harassment activities (video-taping of LE or public safety/public service

personnel) James has been tasked with writing a threat assessment on the DAPL protest. This request came from senior leadership. With being very busy, James will need help with this so he may be asking for help or sub-tasking some of the work. Cody will help with identifying the actors in this event. Please continue to send Lisa as much work as she can take on to free us up to work on DAPL items. I have implemented James idea to bring an analyst to the daily EOC meetings. So as time/personnel allow, I will be having one of you accompany me during the meetings. The meetings are at 9:00am (all hands), 2:00pm Intel (SLIC, MPD, FBI, USMS, BIA) and 5:00pm (all hands). I will continue to attend the 5:00pm all hands and there is no need for an analyst to go to this one. I will keep Kirk mostly at the NDSLIC to focus on getting things done rather than running around like I have been doing. I will do most of the running around. Of course things could change so please be flexible. Finally, Paula Haegeles background has not begun yet so it looks like she wont be starting next week. Stay tuned on this one. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you. Ben S/A Ben Leingang ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation Director, ND State and Local Intelligence Center P.O.Box 1054

Bismarck, ND 58502 (701)-328-8171 - Office (701)-400-9734 - Cell [email protected] [email protected]

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