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Mar. 20 2018 — 3:05p.m.


MONKEYROCKET (TS//SI//NF) A pending OAKSTAR access. Collection of full-take data sessions, and user data such as billing information and Internet Protocol addresses of selected CT targets utilizing a Non-Western Anonymous Internet Browsing product. This access serves as a key piece of the CT long-term strategy by seeking to attract targets engaged in terrorism, to include Al Qaida COMSEC security that the NSA can then exploit. Although the initial focus is CT based, other targeted users will include those sought by NSA offices such as Int’l Crime & Narcotics, Follow-The-Money and Iran. NCSC Covername is THUNDERISLAND. Collection system will be vPCS or XKS. Data Collected will be DNI METADATA/Content. Collection Authority is E.O 12333. What is VPCS?

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