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Mar. 20 2018 — 3:04p.m.


TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN OAKSTAR Weekly Update Program Highlights Week of: March 16-22, 2013 ETS: Derived From: NSA/CSSM 1-52 Dated : 20070108 Declassify On : 20320108 TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN

TOP SECRET // COMINT //NOFORN MONKEYROCKET: (U//FOUO) Receiving larger volume of traffic from partn er impacting data distributi on through the diode causing delays in files being fo1warded to th e XKS . Updated some move script s and tweaked some param eters in the OWL file send process to man age accordingly and stabilize . NIAGARAFILES software was moved from its own standal one server to th e high side server to increase some data pushing efficiencies . (U//FOUO) ETC technician to be in NBP320 area beginning of April to hand cany a couple more OWL cards to site . Once cards and fiber are integrated, will begin workin g procedme s for load balancing traffic as the acce ss continues to grow. ODD: Overview: (S) OAKSTAR 2013 serialized product report tota ls: 396 reports and 2299 GISTs. (S) There is one open/active REMEDY ticket for OAKSTAR. TOP SECRET // COMINT //NOFORN

TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN MONKEYROCKET: Day 239 (U) 2013 = 1 report (they w ere 1 of 43 sources for the report , but hey, it's the 1st). (S//8 1// REL) MARINA is trans ition ing to CLOUDRUNNER and our dai ly and w eekly metrics have hit another error. A new ticket has been created to address this issue on 04Ma rch 2013 and updated 11 March 2013. Tic ket number: MAR INA-9940. (SNM) TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN

TOP SECRET //COMINT //NOFORN (TS//NF) 15 MAR 13 Meet with S2G to follow-up the NCSC TOPI briefing and answer their questions on the type of data , how to perform discovery in XKS, and the data retention rates. (SNM) TOP SECRET //COMINT //NOFORN

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