DFS and NSA partnership

May. 19 2018 — 12:15p.m.


CLEARANCES: ACCOMPANYING SENIOR: PHOTOGRAPHER: MEMENTO PRESENTED: UNIFORM OF THE DAY: PURPOSE OF VISIT: JUSTIFICATION FDR DIRECTORATE INVOLVEMENT: EXPECTED OUTCOME: (U) (meow-- Deputy Director Foreign Attairs (class and Guests: Business Attire would like to visit tar discussiuns with IAD and NTOC on cym-- -- en stem-renamed cyber, and to Obtain informaliun from ADET on training related to SIGINTrenabled cyber. TO USA, JPN) The Japanese DFS is sister prganizatipn in Japan, and an important partner tor and DFS have partnered tor rnpre than 50 years, and enjoy an active exchange on many targets of mutual interest. This visit will pruvide an upponunity to tolluw up On any topics that sui-taced during January 2013 visit to Japan. Tu have a greater understanding en the part at DFS ot SIGINT cuntri'buLiuns to cyber defense, and on how to start growing a SIGINTsenabled cyber capability at DFS. Tu better understanding of DFS capabilities and plans for SIGINTsenabled cyber. TO USA JPN Chief at Ptotocul and Corporate Events Pmtocul Office

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