Gangs and Crews of New York

Jun. 11 2018 — 2:20p.m.



Define Gangs and Crews Explain Gang Crew List reasons why youth may join gangs and how they are recruited Recognize the signs that indicate a youth may be involved in a gang Name some facts and stats about gun violence Name some media and game influences that affect youth Explain the consequences of being involved or associated with gangs List resources or programs that is available to combat gang activities

Gang A group of 2 or more that form together for the purpose of criminal activity Known by a particular name Organized with a leader and followers Usually claim a certain area (turf) Use special phrases, terms, nicknames

-- Omzu erOUm . . . can w? im 5 2me . . me5>z rOm

A group of people associating or classed together: company, set, team, dance group, gang, etcUSUALLY THERE - No initiations - No consequences if you leave

Can be a current or former gang member -- No obligations to any specific groups May be a mixture of different gangs

is; is.? Young Bosses Young Bloods Y: s- Young Gunnas, Young Gangsters Anybody get it, or Almighty Blood Gang Albany Gang if-Hood Barbies - Very Crispy Gangsters if Egg-w, . . @1431?! 1' 5, If? I ?Flatlands Ave Murderers

Attention Low self esteem Love, family Peer pressure Respect Fear/protection lntimidation/ Cohesion Access to drugs, guns, moneyg? i power - Family tradition Media Influence Excitement Obligation Just wanting to belong to something

How youth are recruited Born in "h?npedin - Blessed in .(3nn?nalac?v?y Sexedin ??Ayfe ales a File/Mgrgatn I, iJ/(l? ?k Seduc?on

Interest in certain colors and clothing Unexplained wealth Hangs outwith gang members - Staying out late Changes in behavior Poor attendance in school Use hand signals, slang, and graffiti Trouble with the police Carries a weapon Tattoos with signs and symbols

at .- 1.1- may ?tl 13" ?hr? Tw: I. I .I.- I . a I Isolated from family Lying and stealing A change in friends Personality changes Alcohol or Drug use/abuse Unexplained physical injuries

Incarceration (Jail) Being killed by gang rivals Having a serious injury/ Becoming crippled for lite Putting other family members at risk Loss of Family Friends Forced to commit criminal and sexual acts Dropping out of school, limiting their chances for higher educa?on Hard to get

- Gang recruitment is on going a. They recruit children as young as 7 yrs. Old b. They recruit in schools, parks, parties, and through out all neighborhoods c. They also offer money, protection Most gang members drop out of school Most regret joining End up in (3) places jail, hospital, death.

jaCtS 53L Each year more than youths under the age are killed or injured by firearms in the US. An average of youths are murdered each day or more children are shot in the US. each day Everyday people in the US. die from Gun violence

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. ?in MAKE: YOU ??nta?fcz ??mmun?ty Qutrcgacch Un?t 7188=73?=55?

Speak Up - (866) 773-2587 Or Text NYC to 847 411 - ILLEGAL HANDGUN (866) 486-7867 $1000 Reward Leading to arrest v" - Crime Stoppers (800) 577-TIPS leading to the Or arrest of anyone posses-sag?, - Email: i an ILLEGAL Gall 311 1 866 GUN-STOP -. (486- 7867) .911 Mm-umuunnwy1mnmm - Remawbar You dqn': have to have you_nar:_19

Council For Unity Youth Line (800) 246-4646 District Attorney?s Office in your area

Boys Girls Club Mentor Program Law Enforcement Explorers

MNTS. M13 E?h in?rmCan access the internet through video game systems. - Can communicate with other people through talk, text and or video chat - Gamers use extremely offensive language during game play

mp 94 Ne 3w!? 11 "9?55 Sizib??gv-i . .. 11-: 125?wavy-w- 1 Jul-r" gleam}: - I to1.11%? 1M D. O?N?ill Dolice Commissioner

A group of persons with a formal or informal structure that includes designated leaders and members, that engage in or are suspected to engage in unlawful conduct.


>Annroximately 17,571 members 184 Gang Belated Incidents 65 Bang Motivated Incidents

Criminal Street Gang Enforcement and Prevention Act State Senate Passed May 9, 2017 7 new felonies for those who benefit from gang activity/recruitment Defendant charged with 3 gang?related crimes in 3 years Lengthen prison terms Gang prevention curriculum in schools Funding for non-profit community outreach

AIThough some gong members moy be proud ond regording Their gong offilioTion, oThers moy noT. Be dwore, some gong members moy never odmiT Their membership To low enforcemenT Gong Trends ore geogrophiool olwoys chonging Through ouT New York CiTy

OfTen Times, members will ddopT The behovior of The ?group? 05 or whole, dTTrocTing Those individuals who ore followers Commonly, incorcerdTed leoders will communiodTe ond give orders To members on The sTreeT Through sooidl medio, jdil oolls emoil Younger gong members ore oTTen receiving ?Troining? while inodroeroTed, mdl<lng Them beTTer oriminols when They re?enTer The oommuniTy

Smoller neighborhood groups eg. Deoreose in newly idenlified lrodillonol gong members Hybrid gongs Double Jock

Shif?r in crimes being commi?r?red by members Legitimate employmeni ?Leggl en?riiy To cgmouflgge, susigin or pursue our material needs or gogls? lnves?riggiions being conducted by numerous uniT wiThin NYPD

Ren?rol Cor/Kiosk ie. Hertz, EnTerprise, Alamo Use of Uber/Lyf?r 0nd Zipcor

Use of The Dork Web ?ro obloin violim informolion? u?rilizing bilcoins Employees of vorious slores To provide cuslomer informollon ie. True Religion Femoles working of bonks oncl in reloil Forged checks Debi?r/Gifl cord sooms? Trovel for scoms Eosy occess To skimmer, sconner, ond embosser Technology, oredil cord mills Cleoring 15K per week

Derogo?rory Term used for Bloods Blood Killer Crip Member Crip lniliolion

Derogolory lerm for Crips Crip Killer Blood Love Firsl Nolion in NYC, 1993 in leers lslond (2?73 K-9/Big Apple/Focus Police 5?50 Neulrol Plate Food/ Hit

Derogo?rory Term for Crips Killer Oh Lo/Komrod Blood Love S?rreel ond inoorcero?red K-9/Blg Apple/Focus Police 5?50 Neulrol Plate Food/ Hit

LATIN KINGS A.D.R Amor de Rey l?4-l8 360O S?rrong A.L.K.Q.N. Crown Council 5 Poin?rs Love of The King Whole Comple?re Unbreakable Almighly Lalin King and Queen Na?ri?on Replace Supreme Team Respeo?r, Love, Hones?ry, Uni?ry Knowledge

Dios, 4?16-12 or41?6?12 7 poinTs Juon Poblo Duor?re ?PoTrio? AD Treco 157 (DPL) God,Coun?rry,Freedom Trini?rorio or ?Po?rrio? TriniTorio Notion other of o?rionol ndepen enoe Po?rrio?r Love for The Trini Only Trinis know eooh er (secreT code)

Amor de Tres AD333 Bonz Crew DFL 3 poin?rs Respeo?r for The Founding Fo?rhers Subse?r of DDP Dominicans for Life Honor The number 3

Colors - Clothing/Sports Apparel - Accessories (Hats, Belts, Backpacks) - Symbols 5 or 6 Point Stars) 0 Graf?ti/Cross outs/Ink color - Tattoos or other Body Markings - Nicknames/Tags - Terminology/ Speech Hand Signs/ Stacking - Rituals/Meetings/Prayers



New generalion of gang member Cross membership Geographically based Developmen?r vs. Privale Homes Average age 12-25 years old Shif?r away from communal guns 41% of newly idenlifled members Chicago influence

Snopchof Focebook Insfogrom Twi?er Youfube lmperiolhiphop WhoTsApp Thehoodup BurnerApp Xbox/Ploysfo?rion Rooms

76% of YouTh use sociol medio ShopchoT is currethy The mosT populor opp 9i PosT phoTo of Themselves 7l PosT Their school They oTTehd or The ciTy where They live 82% PosT Their birThdoTe 60% have Their Facebook profiles To privoTe

>41 Case Takedowns >498 Arrests

Wes?r Harlem 3 Slaccs gang vs Make ii Happen Boyz (MHB) and Money Ave Over l50 identified members/associa?res 45 shoo?ring inciden?rs Ini?rialed by The killing of Tayshana ?Chicken? Murphy on Sepl l, 20H by 2 members of MHB Waller ?Recc? Sumlner pasls video dissing 3 Slacc on Dec: l5, 20l l. Killed Dec 30, 20l

Bronx Gong, Homeland Securlly, ATF Proseouleol loy AUSA ln Soulhern Dislriol 2FLY- NYCHA Eos?rohesler Gordens 49pcl Money Bosses 47pc?r YGZ vs. Violence for The soke of Violence

2 murders and 7 non fa?ral shaa?rlhg ihilia?red The ihvesligaliah 120 subjecls charged wi?rh Rackeleerihg, Narcalics ahd Firearms Member of BMB (Jamal Blair) plead la shearing lhe slray bullel lha?r killed 92 year Sadie Milchell Member of BMB (Dominick Sherlahd) falally slabs 15 year old Jeffrey Delmare mislakihg him fora member of 2FLY

Hls?rorlc case 16 Subjec?rs Bloods Lorin Kings?loyolly ?ro neighborhood, no?r gong Operoling ond crock ring lhroughou?r Slo?ren Island Defendon?r Stephen Cummings wos wiih manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for selling 0 lelhol dose of opioid fenlonyl To Richard Zeiferl 18 seporole shoo?rlng incidenls

Proseculed by Special Narco?rics Division ?9 W8 Savages (Wesl Brighlon Houses) 120 3> Charges consisled of Robbery, CPW, Reckless Endangermenl, Assaul?r and Burglary l5 yr old female sho?r in The face, ln?rended larger was a WB member Geographical ?rerrilory based allacks (loyally ?ro neighborhood over gang) Heroin dislribu?rion and cus?romers Rikers Island Correc?rional Facili?ry?Mack Ballers

>Brool<lyn South Gong ond the Violence Reduction Tosk Force >689: G?Stone Crips (Grimy Shooters Entertoin) 25 Arrests >Cnorges consisted of Conspirocy 2.. CSCS, CPCS, Burglory, CPW

1% of The US Armed Forces ore gong members Roughly beTween 13,000 ond 14,000 ond increasing Mony ore joining for odvonoed urbon oomboT TooTios For some, The miIiTory is The only opTion nexT To joil Time Army Reserve SergeonT Jeffrey SToIeson

Marks gang turf Shows af?liation to a gang Sends messages Shows rivalries Indicates potential violence Indicates alliances Lists tags (nicknames) Shows gangs roll call

Much more simplisllo lhan graffi?rl of olher gangs Mexican gangs oflen eliminale vowels They seldom use symbols in Their graffill and need very li?rlle lnlerprelalion

Common To hove The web of Their hond ToTTooed 3? Highly symbolic To The member oProyihg Honds ?proyihg To God for forgiveness? oThe Choio-sighifies The sTruggle for occepTonoe in Americoh during The 1940?s oCommOh phroses for exomble VIDA my orozy life or NOW, CRY

?2 Violence driven mentolity 2 Use of extortion 2 Torgeting the government ond low enforcement ?2 3 Progroms? LA Progrom, Eost Coost Progrom ond the NY Progrom 2 All cliques hove direct leodersnip from El Solvodor 2? 6 Estoblished cliques in NY 2? Huntington Hempsteod 2 Freeport Brentwood 2? Forest Hills Jomoico

Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) who are apprehended by Homeland Securlfy are Transferred To The Office of Refugee Resefflemenf (ORR) 95% of all children origina?re from Guafemala, Honduras and El Salvador Due To The exfreme violence and exforfion, many people are fleeing Cenfral America Age range of children enferlng fhe US >82% l4?l 7 years old >68% Males

In 20l 6, 59,l 7O unaccompanied minors entered the US Upon entering they ore ploced in either reldtives homes, foster core or shelters Children ore ploced in school bdsed on level of educotion, not dge Once they drrive M81 3 0nd l8lh Street begin recruitment through extortion ond violence lnitldtion process in El Solvodor vs US Wedpons of choice: Knives, mochetes bots

Use of exlorlion is wide spredd dmongsl MS members Murder is used 03 leverdge Direcl link belween El Sleddor The US Cer?rdin cullure dmong El Sleddoridns membership 3> le?roos dre ONLY for members Women nor be members Personal in very impor?rdnl

Moer inl?rio?rions involve on individuol being ?beol? inlo The gong by 0 oerloin omounl of people for oer?roin omounl of Time Born or Blessed into the Gang Females ?sexed in? by gang superiors

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