GCHQ Summary of RTRG

May. 29 2019 — 3:00p.m.


TOP SECRET STRAP 1 NAME RT-RG EQUIPMENT I DESCRIPTION WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? A PROGRAMME . To provide direct support to the Global War on Terrorism through the provision of real-time information and intelligence support to 'find , fix and fin ish' operat ions around the world . T he success of RT-RG in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom led to an expans ion of the programme to support operations in Korea and Afghanistan . T he success of these deployments will be crucial to the adoption of the RTRG principles into mainstream Sigint doctrine . Each deployment of RT-RG is tailored to the local environment w ith systems and processes based on the telecommunications techno logies prevalent in the region . As such the approach is data-centr ic rather than system-centr ic; each instance of RT-RG is intended to be unique. RT-RG is positioned as an edge node w ithin the overall Sigint architecture . To achieve comprehens ive real-time coverage of a region RT-RG relies upon an array of sensors stream ing fulltake collect ion into a forward-dep loyed regional data repository in parallel with offline forwarding to national systems . To fully exploit voice intercept RT RG is trialling new appl ications to perform keyword based selection and alert ing. RT-RG provides access to tactica l data sources in theatre via sem i automated and manual data ingest into a local RT-RG repository . National sources includ ing events databases and all-source (DOD, CIA, NSA) reporting are also made available for author ised analysts through a national/tact ical gateway . Federated query too ls support multiple simultaneous cross-referencing of all these data sources , tactica l and national, aga inst incom ing real-time intercept. These facilities offer huge product ivity gains for analysts in rapidly assemb ling a comp lete, fully informed picture of their target. 2 of 9 ----· Th s nformat on s exempt from d sc osure under the Freedom of Informal on Act 2000 and may be subject to exempt on under other UK nformat on eg sat on. Refer d sc osure requests to GCHQ o ••••••• <TOP SECRET STRAP 1> OC B TP INFO SUMMARY AS AT 27 JUN 11

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