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Sep. 23 2019 — 7:00p.m.


We meet 9:30 a.m. Monday April 4, 2011 at Alabama Attorney General's Office · 501 Washington Avenue · Montgomery, AL 36130 My cell is 205. I will be in my office, Room 207, Alabama Statehouse, Room 207 by 9 a.m. if you want to come by there beforehand. We can walk over to AGs from there, or you can go direct to his office on Washington Avenue. Public Hearings Questions. Senators on a tear to do them. One called for 4/1/2011 – couldn’t head off steamroller. Tape Recordings versus court reporters? Who pays? Several meetings in each existing Congressional district? All major cities? How to deal with non-English speaking? What about deaf mute? Take a look at our 2001 guidelines. Public hearing guidelines District drawing guidelines When to draw guidelines Online software: Any citizen entitled to user name and password? State BOE re-districting 8 districts, 1 elected member each, + governor is chairman Serve 4 year terms. Elections in even number years, 4 elected at a time. 4 were elected in 2010 to begin term 1/1/2012 4 will be elected in 2012 to begin term 1/1/2014 If we redistrict now, we will change the districts in mid term. Same thing if we wait till next year for the other 4. How do we do this? Time frame: State Board of Education(4+4) Congressional Races (7) Alabama House (135) Alabama Senate (35) Qualify to run April 5, 2012 Qualify to run April 5, 2012 Qualify to run April X, 2014 Qualify to run April X, 2014

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