TikTok Live Policy

Mar. 16 2020 — 4:02a.m.


Close & Ban Reasons Description Punishment Copyright Risk Screen recording: obviously facing the TV program, YouTube, movies, books, and shooting concerts, ball games, music video, documents. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Exception a. The screen appears in the background, it is ambiguous, or it is blocked by people and only showing a small part, the content cannot be seen clearly, pass. b. What does not involve copyright issues, and the content does not contain other violations. (eg : shooting content from Tiktok, showing personal photos or videos in phone or PC) Pass Minors' (<18) live containing pornography, pedophilia, or tendency to pedophilia. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Minors (<18) touching guns (exception: obviously toy guns) Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Minors (<18) pregnant. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Minors (<18) smoking, drinking, or holding Cigarettes or alcohol. Close, ban for one month (ban type: live) Minors (<18) driving, holding scissor or knives( eg. holding a knife and dancing to music), or containing other dangerous behaviors. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Minors (<18) kissing for over 3 seconds (exception: a very brief Iip kissing) Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Exception Minors kissing cheek or forehead, or a slight kissing of lips. Pass Underage (<13) dancing seductively, such as twerking, grinding, crotch grabbing, breast touching/shaking, clothes lifting. Close, ban forever (ban type: live) um [Ivo Underage (<13) goes live alone without adult. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Non—porn scenes about infants, like infants taking shower or changing diapers. Close . a. Underage is live together with adults. Exception . . . . . . . . . Pass b. If underage shown alone IS Ilve but you can hear adults speaking or can judge lt 5 adults shooting their underage kids, pass. Showing naked sexual organ, anus, fully exposed buttocks or pubic hair (regardless of gender; new-born infants are exception), females expose nipples, areola, naked breasts (regardless whether hiding it with hands or arms, using breast pasties) Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Sexual intercourse, masturbation. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Porn videos, porn advertisement (selling porn videos, posting prostitute information, introducing porn webs, playing porn videos, sharing porn pictures ot other porn resources, etc.) Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Private & sneak shots (eg: live broadcast about using the toilet, taking a bath, sneak shots of public restroom, dressing room, etc.) Exception: anchor is just live in the bathroom without the above acts or any other improper behavior. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Showing inflatable dolls and other similar sex toys with erotic tendency (eg: naked genital of toys, naked breast of female sex toy, touching sensitive parts of sex toy, etc) Close, ban forever (ban type: live) Deliberately shooting animal sexual behavior with animals genitais shown, over 30 seconds. Close, ban forever (ban type: live) Sexual teasing, sexual temptation, such as: 1. Sex behavior imitation. Displaying or using objects similar to sexual organs (eg: bananas and cucumbers) for vulgar interactions (eg: licking bananas, cucumbers and tissues etc. 2, Tempting, provocative behavior (eg: imitating sex posture, fondling breasts, V—Iick) 3, Erotic and vulgar dances, including tongue out, touching the sensitive body parts, squatting and touching the thigh, etc. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Close-up to intimate parts (breast, buttock, genital area) for a long time(over 30 seconds) Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Human stimulating, fondling, focusing on animal's genitais (Exception: milk production such as hand milking of cow, sheep, camel, etc. Pass) Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Animal sexual behavior without exposing genitais, animal birth. Close Showing SM behaviors, SM appliances, or wearing sexy uniforms, showing sex props, sex products (such as inflatable doolls with proper clothes) Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Naked dolls, naked mannequins, posters, and sculptures, exposure of private parts, showing pornographic pose (if the scene is very brief, then pass) Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Exception Condom Challenge Contest (condom filled with water drops on humam heads) Pass

Exception Well-known, abstract works of art (eg: ancient Greek sculpture, David) Pass Female exposes half and over half her breast, or over half of her cleavage. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) The outline of female nipples are very obvious (the areola or nipple color can be seen, such as wet body perspective), male genital bulging, "camel toe" shown at female genital area. Close, ban forever (ban type: live) Male with naked upper body, or female only wears bra or/and unden/vear. If the scene is shown in a brief second, pass. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Wearing bikini or swimming suits (NOT beach or swimming pool occasion or other professional setting ) and without other vulgar behavior or speech. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Exposing bra/underwear, or displaying bra/underwear (Sexual fetichism). If it's unconcious wardrobe malfunction and just shown in a second, pass. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Suspected naked lower body, suspected naked female upper body. Close Exception The exposure of shoulder strap of bra. Pass Voice vulgarity, such as: %: «eee Ive Vºlgª Spºººh ªnd Profanity 3. Discussing the topic of sexual reproduction (sexual life, sexual ability, male disease, veneral disease) Fling abuses or talk dirty over 2 sentences, give the finger on purpose over twice (exception: unconciously showing the middle finger) Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Depreciting Tiktok with bad intention. Close, ban for three days (ban type: live) Exception Users complain about Tiktok platform (without insults) Pass Dangerous Behavior Using, selling or introducing the following items: weapons such as guns, explosives such as detonators, radioactive Chemicals such as enriched uranium, and potent poisons, etc. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Showing guns, bows, blades, swords. Close Adults holding scissors, knives and dancing to music. Close Driving a motorized vehicle, riding a motorcycle, riding a bicycle AND accompanied by dangerous behaviors, such as drunknness, driving while playing with others, riding a motorcycle without Close holding the handlebar, etc. Dangerous behaviors in the live broadcast that may threaten the safety of the anchor or others. For example: 1. dangerous performances such as playing with fire and eletric power; 2. extreme sports without safety measures such as parkour, rock Climbing, and skydiving; 3. dangerous chemical experiments which have unpredictable results, 4. non—professional performances containing training of toxic or aggresive animals such as snakes, poisonous spider, tigers, etc. Close, ban for one day (ban type: Iive) Exception Prank or action without actual threath (eg: walking on a transparent trestle) Ordinary fireworks (not placed against people) Pets: raise lions, eagles, tigers, small crocodiles as pets, when they appear in home or private cars, pass. Monkey is ok. Pass Child abuse that explicitly imposes physical violence on children. (Exception: slight physical punishment for educational purposes, such as hitting hands, pass) Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Deliberately harming others or commiting suicide, threatening other with death. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Cruel abuse of animals. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Beating others, wrestling. Close, ban for one week (ban type: live) Hunting and killing of animals, livestock Slaughter scenes, etc., except for fishing. Close Discussing the details of extreme cases such as homicides with bad expressions (such as disrespect for the deceased), giving bad guidance to the audience. Close

Disconforting Content Extreme eating behavior, such as eating mice, eating undenlvear. Close Deliberately showing intensive phobia contents. Close Live surgery, such as female delivery, surgical surgery, massive bleeding from tattoos, etc. Close Shooting natural disasters (eg: typhoon) and accidents (eg: building collapse) Close Relevant documents, speeches, images, and videos about terrorist organizations such as IS. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Organizations, groups promoting suicide, such as Japanese Aum Doomsday Cult, Falun Gong, Blue Whale Group, Momo Group etc. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Live broadcast about 1, endangering national security, national honor and interests, divulging state secrets, inciting subversion of state power; documents, speeches, images, and videos that undermine national unity. 2, inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and destruction of national unity, such as separatism, religion sects conflicts, conflicts between ethnic groups, like exaggerating the Islamic Sects conflicts, inciting the independence of North Ireland, Republic of Chechnya, Tibet and Taiwan; and exaggerating the ethnic conflict between black and white. 3. documents, speeches, images, and videos concerning national security—related secrets such as the military. 4. uglification or distortion of local or other countries' history such as May 1998 riots of Indonesia, Cambodian genocide, Tiananmen Square incidents. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Displaying Nazi or Nazism content, such as the flag, Hitler, Nazi Germany flag. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Personal live broadcast about state organs such as police office, military etc. Close, ban for three days (ban type: live) Threatening or trying to shame/degrade individuals or groups on certain attributes such as disability, gender, color, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnics, beliefs, ect. Close, ban for one month (ban type: live) Insulting, humiliating, degrading, blaspheming a religion, actions/content that are religiously controversial, such as cursing a religion, interrupting a prayer, playing with Islamic Hijabs, taking vulgar actions (dance, vulgar gestures) in front of a mosque, etc. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Defamation, spoofing, or criticism towards civil servants, political or religious leaders, such as the heads of the Eastern and Western countries in various dynasties, senior Officials, and the families of related leaders, police, soldiers and other officers. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Potential risk of secret information disclosure, such as explicit military numbers, police numbers, violent enforcement process of military or police. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Displaying, producing, using, and trading illegal contraband, such as drugs, arms, etc. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Illegal Content Introducing gambling rules, or shooting gambling venues, showing gambling behavior. Close, ban for one day (ban type: live) Anchor is live when taking a bath with the risk of being naked in screen (need to confirm the anchor is taking a bath) Close Against Community Policy Adult kissing with passion (except greeting kiss) Close Promote competitors (Bigo, Mico, LiveMe, Uplive, Loops, YouNow, Yalla, 7nujoom, and other Live Apps); obviously poaching users for competitors. Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Exception Just mentioning competitors without poaching users behavior. Pass Sell products or make advertising in live broadcast. Close Pretending to be Officials of Tiktok Close, ban forever (ban type: all) Against Community Policy Showing personal information (home adress, passport number, personal I.D, phone number, financial information, QR code) Close Female breast-feeding without exposing nipples or areola. Close Exception Sleeping, no—movement screen, black screen. Pass Exception Adults smoking cigarrete or other e-cigarettes, hookah, etc, or using tools to smoke (cannot be judge as drug abuse) Pass

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