Ugly Content Policy

Mar. 16 2020 — 4:02a.m.


Sheet1 New rules Reason Abnormal body shape, chubby, have obvious beer belly, obese, or too thin (not limited to: dwarf, acromegaly) Unlike diversified videos of which the content itself is the mainly focus, in the non-diversified content, the character himself/herself is basically the only focus of the video, therefore, if the character’s appearance or the shooting environment is not good, the video will be much less attractive, not worthing to be recommended to new users. Ugly facial looks (not limited to: disformatted face, fangs, lack of front teeth, senior people with too many wrinkles, obvious facial scars) or facial deformities (not limited to: eye disorders, crooked mouth disease and other disabilities) The shooting environment is shabby and dilapidated, such as, not limited to: slums, rural fields (rural beautiful natural scenery could be exempted), dilapidated housing, construction sites, etc. (For internal housing background which has no obvious slummy charactor, only those cases as specified should be labelled: crack on the wall, old and disreputable decorations, extremely dirty and messy) This kind of environment is not that suitable for new users for being less fancy and appealing. Slide show video with any kinds of picture Not the ideal video form of our plataform. Page 1

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