Preventing Violence and Criminal Activity in Protection of Lawful Protest

Jul. 15 2020 — 4:43p.m.


UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE (U) Preventing Violence and Criminal Activity in Protection of Lawful Protest 6 JUNE 2020 – 1300 (U//LES) Information provided in this update is based on responses provided to the Joint Inter-Agency Command Post in the FBI Strategic Information Operations Center as of the information cut-off time of 0600 EST on 6 June. The following agencies contributed to the development of this SITREP: ATF, DEA, DCNG, DHS, DOJ, NGB, USAMD, and USMS. Responses provided after the cut-off time will be included in the next SITREP. (U//FOUO) This document is meant as a summary of significant investigative highlights and NOT as a comprehensive review of ongoing investigations. The information contained in this communication is NOT to be incorporated into any formal or informal written document nor further disseminated without the authorization of the FBI Headquarters, SIOC. Unauthorized use of this information may jeopardize sensitive national security and/or criminal investigations, result in the possible identification and/or physical harm of human sources, or create undue notification into the FBI's interest of intended targets. (U) This communication is intended to provide timely information to appropriate law enforcement and/or public safety personnel who are authorized to protect facilities, personnel, and the public from imminent threats of violent and/or criminal activity. It is related to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement investigation or investigative activity. Under FBI policy and federal law, no investigative activity may be based solely on First Amendment activity. The FBI does not investigate, collect, or maintain information on U.S. persons solely for the purpose of monitoring activities protected by the First Amendment. (U) SIGNIFICANT REPORTING (U//FOUO) The FBI, in close coordination with its federal, state, and local partners, continues to monitor and respond to events related to the violence associated with lawful protests. While reports, to include open source reporting and social media postings, suggest individuals involved in or present at locations of lawful protests are part of an organized effort associated with anti-government-anti-authority extremism, militia extremism, racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism, or violent gangs, they majority of the violence and vandalism appears to be perpetrated by opportunistic, individual actors acting without specific direction. We continue to aggressively seek to corroborate any organized effort to incite violence by either known criminal groups or domestic violent extremists. (U) A second public service will be held in Raeford, NC on 6 June after George Floyd’s remains were transported via ground transportation from Minneapolis. A third public service will be held in Houston on 8 June and a private funeral service will follow on 9 June. (U//FOUO) On 5 June, an identified subject delivered multiple hoax improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to two businesses and then crashed his vehicle into a third business before attempting to carjack an individual, claiming to have an IED. At the time of his arrest, a total of six suspected IEDs were located. The devices were cleared as hoax devices by bomb technicians. The subject had no clear motivation and may have mental health issues. (U//LES) As of 6 June, FBI Field Offices reported the violence and criminal activity during protection of lawful protest has resulted in one federal officer killed, 147 federal officers injured and 600 local officers (U) LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE: The information marked (U//LES) in this document is the property of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and may be distributed within the federal government (and its contractors), U.S. intelligence, law enforcement, public safety or protection officials, and individuals with a need to know. Distribution beyond these entities without FBI authorization is prohibited. Precautions should be taken to ensure this information is stored and/or destroyed in a manner that precludes unauthorized access. Information bearing the LES caveat may not be used in legal proceedings without first receiving authorization from the originating agency. Recipients are prohibited from subsequently posting the information marked LES on a website on an unclassified network without first obtaining FBI approval. UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE

UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE injured around the country during protests, frequently from projectiles. It was determined the previously reported local officer killing on 3 June was not related to violent protest activity. (U//LES) As of 6 June, there are a number of reports of planned protests targeting federal facilities ranging from civil disobedience, calls for violence against law enforcement, bomb threats call-ins, and potential use of vehicle-borne IEDs (VBIED) and other explosives. (U//FOUO) As of 6 June, USAO charged 70 individuals with varying crimes ranging from use of explosive or fire to damage or destroy a vehicle used in interstate commerce; traveling in interstate commerce or using a facility of interstate commerce to incite a riot; organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; and use of an explosive device; and conspiracy to destroy by fire and explosive. (U//LES) To date, FBI reported more than 13,600 arrests made by various law enforcement agencies across the nation. (U//FOUO) As of 6 June, more than 32 states have requested National Guard personnel with more than 41,500 National Guard personnel on duty. (U//LES) According to the ATF, since the start of the unrest there have been 81 Federal Firearms License burglaries of an estimated loss of 1,116 firearms; 876 reported arsons; 76 explosive incidents, and 46 ATF arrests to date. (U) THREAT (U//LES) As of 6 June, FBI reported planned or ongoing protests targeting federal facilities ranging from calls for violence against law enforcement, and bomb threat call-ins, to use of VBIEDs and other explosives. Notable reporting over the past 24 hours include:   (U//FOUO) On 5 June, a Twitter user posted, “At this point, we should take weap*ns and attack the White House. Let matriarchy begin…” (U//FOUO) As of 5 June, a Twitter user suggested placing bombs on fences at unspecified locations in Washington, D.C. (U//LES) Protests (violent and non-violent) have occurred in over 140 cities across the United States and the National Guard has been activated in at least 32 states and the District of Columbia. While violent protests and civil unrest originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 26 May, these have spread to include a wide array of violent activity and ongoing civil unrest across the country. FBI reported groups of counter protesters including right wing and anarchist extremists demonstrating at national protests and attempting to further ignite violence. (U//LES) Several states reported travel across state lines for protests; however, in most cases it was unclear if any of these travelers intended to engage in violence. Protests also reportedly spread to the suburbs of several major cities. (U) Other events that could potentially prompt a large community reaction:  (U) Confederate monuments and symbols were flashpoints for protests in several U.S. cities.  (U) Curfews remain in effect in multiple municipalities with varying dates of expiration. 2 UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE

UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE (U) Damage to Facilities/Property (U//FOUO) Anecdotal criminal activity noted around the country include:  (U//LES) Police vehicles parked outside officer’s homes have made officers vulnerable to protest or vandalism. “ANTIFA” discussed this tactic earlier in the week.  (U//LES) Reports of significant thefts of firearms from firearms stores and pawn shops since the beginning of the unrest.  (U//FOUO) On 5 June, a restaurant sustained physical damage due to an incendiary device thrown in the window. The words “F*ck You” and “KKK” were written on both sides of the building.  (U//FOUO) As of 5 June, News reporting of planned attacks for 6 June on 5G towers across the US. Based on a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Intelligence Note dated 5 June 2020, violent opportunists could use Global Stop5G Protests to attack critical infrastructure and personnel. (U) TACTICS (U) Upcoming infrastructure concerns (highways shut down, blockaded streets, etc.) that could be impacted by violence. (U//LES) On 5 June, demonstrators targeted police aircraft and ground officers with bright green lasers. No eye injuries were reported. (U//FOUO) As of 4 June, unidentified individuals appear to be using the open source flight radar to identify law enforcement aerial assets and warning protesters of law enforcement coverage through social media groups and tags such as #acab. The social media posts include tail numbers, plane photographs, law enforcement agency ownership, flight paths, and refueling. (U//LES) As of 5 June, law enforcement partners identified pre-staged projectiles at pre-determined four locations. (U) INTELLIGENCE/INVESTIGATIVE UPDATES (U) Social Media Exploitation (SOMEX) (U//LES) As of 6 June, FBI reported individuals using social media platforms to coordinate protest locations to sow discord. Notable reporting over the past 24 hours include:  (U//FOUO) Incidents involving Molotov cocktails, along with other incendiary devices in the vicinity of law enforcement facilities reported.  (U//LES) Individuals trying to obtain law enforcement PII and one individual attempting to see PII via PasteBin and the DarkWeb.  (U//FOUO) Individuals using Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to coordinate protest locations, sow discord, and posting flyers seeking to hire “professional anarchists.”  (U) According to open source as of 5 June, users on Twitter and Reddit are commenting and discussing the presence of unmarked law enforcement (NFI). 3 UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE

UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE    (U//LES) On 4 June, an Instagram user posted on a user’s private Instagram account “a purge” on law enforcement planned for 6 June. The user stated that anyone stopped by police should follow the only rule, to kill law enforcement first, then continue destroying property. (U/FOUO) Reports of Facebook post by an identified individual, entitled “How to get rid of cops”, included information on ambushing law enforcement with weapons, grabbing their identification to obtain home addresses and attacking their families. (U//FOUO) Some protestors and possible “ANTIFA” members attempted to bait law enforcement into displaying the “OK” hand sign. These individuals plan to photograph the officers and use the photographs as propaganda to discredit the officers. The “OK” hand sign resembles a hand sign used by members of the Three Percenter (3 Percenter or III%er) Movement, a far-right militia group. (U) Number of LE Mitigation actions to include: (U) As of June 6, field offices have reported activity that appears to be having a positive mitigating factor as the violence and number of arrests decrease. Multiple states are limiting or ending curfews and removing Confederate memorials and monuments. Notable reporting over the past 24 hours include:  (U) On 5 June, an U.S. District Judge signed a temporary restraining order prohibiting a local police agency from using projectiles and chemical weapons against peaceful protestors. (U//LES) To date, there have been over 13,643 reported arrests made across the nation. (U) Reported Arrests Across Nation Daily Arrests and Cumlative Total Current as of 0300 EST, 6/6/2020 16000 12,359 14000 13,643 13,051 11,348 9,949 12000 10000 8000 5,007 6000 4,942 1,528 4000 2000 1,399 411 85 326 0 29-May 1,011 3,479 30-May 692 592 1,117 31-May 1-Jun Daily Arrests 2-Jun 3-Jun 4-Jun 5-Jun Total Arrests 4 UNCLASSIFIED // LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE 6-Jun

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