TigerSwan at Standing Rock: Daily HUMINT Reporting for December 8, 2016

Nov. 15 2020 — 12:53a.m.


rSwan to Uncertainty? Exhibit 3 000015

reteste r? be wdespitethe US. Army Corp of Engineers am2(Ocetl Sakowm)has approximately 500 protestors, mostly Veterans for peace affiliated. have gone to Casino or are staying in homes in Cannonbali and Fort yates/ Mobridge ?iyst'comment: This matches our assessment as to would happen when the weather arrived) Camp 4' (Sacred Stone Camp) approximately 280-300 protesters A'Hardenedstructures and Yurts withstanding weather so far efpiemy of stockpiled supplies and winter vehicles. -. They have sleds and harnesses for sled dogs, but no dogs Water, fuel, and food levels are optimal for sustainment Exhibit 3 000016

xe?r'Camp Cell Leader Red Warrior Camp Cell leader: Tempeh Tay Shun 0 CUrrently located in Sacred stone Camp 3 knowledgeable on processes of HDD drilling. - In discussion RO told him RO had been a Marine intel analyst, he liked that a lot. "Well, that could be useful." - He asked if ever researched drill vulnerabilities, RO said no one has asked me to. - Tempeh has asked R0 to assist him in evaluating weaknesses in the systems for the purposes of exploiting/sabotaging. RO remained non-committal. - Tempeh talked about security, said he had to be guarded because he's committed felonies during this campaign. approached Tempeh, said he has a team and fireworks, wants intel on the site to do direct action. - Said he doesn't trust the guy shows up out of nowhere offering him a "team" of veterans for direct action, - - said he just needed intel and a little guidance on where to act. - Tempeh said it sounded fishy, doesn't want to get trapped in talking and then indicted on a conspiracy charge. ., ., . . (Analyst Comment: This shows Tempeh has a security mindset and is a professional insurgent agent/provocateur.) Exhibit 3 000017

ll Leader Cont?d an intimidation campaign identifying key DAPL employees and leaving threatening notes at their homes/on their cars. He?s been thinking about attacking the Slurry, fuel, and other logistical deliveries to HDD without having to penetrate HDD defenses. (Analyst Comment: This shuts down operations without RED FORCE having to engage the prepared physical security apparatus.) - Tempeh is also looking for someone to dig up dirt on sex traf?cking involving DAPL workers - Tempeh has claimed to participate in Ferguson riots, as well as the Occupy movement. - Tempeh and his red warrior direct action celi have been kicked out previously by Camp 2 (Oceti Camp) security on order from tribal council, who raided his tents looking for weapons, drugs, and other items like explosives. - He escaped to Scared Stone Camp (Analyst Comment: Shows a direct correlation with previous reports of these illegal activities and their willingness to house and facilitate his work.) Exhibit 3 000018

For wished to do direct action 1: .Ex-haveT'pledged themselves to the Veterans for - Peace. (VFP) group. eace They have said they will try to remain in camps for as long as possible. VFP is also the main core cadre of Mississippi Stand, and is tied to support from the Catholic Workers Union (lowa) and is a very communist organization. VFP camp is located in Camp 2 and the location where DAPL security reported construction was happening today on hard site. (Analyst Comment: 80 What we are seeing is the communist affiliated groups are still operating, funded, and sheltered. Most other groups have faltered, and/or capituiated.) Exhibit 3 000019

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