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Nov. 15 2020 — 12:53a.m.


Exhibit 3 000020

Tigers wan "mi 1 infants in itu ati The anti-pipeline environment is not suitable for law enforcement methods. The activist mindset places them in at the same level as an insurgency, which is outside current law enforcement capabilities. Law enforcement mentality is a unilateral, reactive mindset with limited ?exibility. TigerSwan?s use of highly flexible military cadre provides TS a wide range of solutions. That flexibility is reflected in the operational modes operating on iimited budgets to develop multiple avenues to obtain their end state, differentiating them from Law enforcement. LE typicaiiy takes a one dimensionai approach to probiems using force of law. TigerSwan intelligence operations utilize multiple angles to locate and expioit actionabie intelligence. The ability to collect, analyze and exploit intelligence across multiple sources is unique to military operations and divergent from current law enforcement techniques which reiy on warrants to obtain information rather than improvising and having the information freely provided by the activists themseives. of techniques and military fusion ceiis have allowed TigerSwan to develop proprietary databases on activists without the aid or utilization of law enforcement resources. These techniques are uniguely suited for the current situation since they were originaliy developed as a counterinsurgency toot. Exhibit 3 000021

TigerSwan lam" TigerSwan employs former Army and Marine Corps Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence strategic and tactical analytic personnel, senior intelligence leadership, and professional security managers to conduct a unique activity on behalf of domestic corporations TS takes a counterinsurgency approach to pipeline security, which implements the full intelligence cycle; intelligence drives operations, operations subsequently drives intelligence ?i8 personnel have established eight monthe at relationships with activists Elements of Standing Rock Antiwpipeline groups in lowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and North Dalmta . Maintain persenal relat?enships with key leaders Exhibit 3 000022

- - [Wu Swan Susi-{I - TigerSwan counterinSurgency approach to the problem set is to and break down the activist network - - - TS Intel understands antt ptpeltne have developed cultural religious and ethnic envrronments we are uniquely capable of -- - i We centers of graVIty Key tndIVIduals - - most ltkely courses of actton I Exhibit 3 000023

Tigers wan ?witzuurx in tinne?lunzlx Within some identifiable limitations, we are abie to use our ovvn assets to iefiltrate target groups to acquire tactical intelligence on ongoing activities, strategic intelligence on tutu-re actions, and to better understand the individuais involved and the developing networks. - Recruiting (or turning) dedicated anti?- pipeline activists is difficult if not impossible. We rely on elicitation primarily. - lnfiltrators at activist meetings provided details on protester morale, future plans, and critical weaknesses/vulnerabilities of groups Exhibit 3 000024

mu Swan Wit-r iI?v?Lf 31?! CII UMI Havi TNT H?itratms QH tHe greund TS mm I "1g CO HSHL: cHe Hme Advmced warning Hf protesLer maveme??t aHHweH ge Swan - f7 ?security to halse With meal Law Enforcement (LE) Hmeiy maHHer NT was successful pre Hcsde?t Hd camrs dmve placement Hf seem perseHHei dur Hg He rods ef threat Dec esed CT em: expaswe H3 bad 3:?:th .. Exhibit 3 000025

TigerSwan El? intelligence lnte TigerSwan intelligence assets operate seamlessly with security personnel through the Operations centers and/or the on?the-?ground security commander. - TS security personnel use daily intelligence updates to better position security forces. During protests and activist Direct Actions, communication between on~the-ground TigerSwan personnel and security likely prevented loss of life on at least one occasion, preventing Severe repercussions for the client. I .Des Moines River: Protester-s Ciimbed into the pipe likely would have died without TS intervention This tactic has since been repeated in Florida targeting the Saba! Trail pipeline. Exhibit 3 000026

T1 wan Whittle? in i Fusion Center . TigerSwan operates fusion cells as needed geographically, set up to imitate military regional operations centers and staffed by military?trained and highly experienced intelligence officers. monitor all media 24/7, notjust nine to five. alse integrate organic reporting and surveillance capabilities tnte daily and longmterrn intelligence products. r? use intelligence provided by cellecters and media menitering te develep strong linlt analysis products that interrn security operations and further collection activities. - TigerSwan new have a wellmdeveleped intelligence picture at l<ey pad acters, the groups they beleng ta, new they are funded: anct where they came frem. This ameunt ot? histerical data is proprietary to TS. Exhibit 3 000027

Ti gerS wan ":IJiZZH-iilw l, TigerSwan personnel and TigerSwan have developed a unique corporate knowledge on the anti?pipeline target set - No other company has infiltrated these activist groups on a long-term basis, our personnel even now develop deeper ties into activist communities and groups that are international in their reach - Our and senior intelligence officers have an unmatched understanding of the problem set, and how to implement best security practices Exhibit 3 000028

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