ARIC Informational Bulletin July 2020-Week 2

Nov. 30 2020 — 4:40p.m.


UnctassiFIEp/FoR OFFICIAL UsE ONLY Am Austin Retonat InrLuGeNcE Caner & 26 "*t eussrgfftere anctantitensen { ct inoeaciteusore Phone re]oriare | Numbers: (inioown) Event URL hips Pms infowars com stand op folie a th: ack the luella enas Wher: Wedoestay, 8 Jl being ar 1820 HRS Where: APD Main, 715 Eas Bh Suec, Ausin TX 78701 Aor: APD: GEORGE Secor Hosed By Infovars Symopais: Rall even t denonstrte suppor fo lw enforcement nfovarspenonaliy Svamah Hetmande announced his event via nfowars on 7 Jub. User account @atsprotessadvics: "NOT a Hendy motes. yo‘ b thers, becareful & sick tonther." (Analisi Note: Use accout @atiprotes s primary an informational oute for ant—polce and rac juticerall evens in Downtown Aust) (U) Event Information Event; Linda Nuno Press Conference (9 July) Numbers: (iioown) Event URL: (0A) Hast URL: fips wn fathook corn Ausin Are: Reformation 0305810060310 Wher: Thiet, 9 July begining at 1900 S Where: Scntchois, H7 East 7° Sre, Ausin TX 78701 Ao: APD: GEORGE Secor HHosed yo Austin Area Reformation and Jsicefona net Symopats Prs contre evento publicize Linds Nino‘ sty. Ms. Nuno aleps ongoing abuse, harasment, and reallaton rom an Ausin polic officer and rom the departmen (U) Event Information Event#3; "I Demand a Female Offeer!® A March for Linda Nuno NMC Pale [Wrotice Numbers: 70 going 214 ineresed Peeeme """" ___ Wher: Frida, 10 Jub from 19002385 His Where: APD Main, 715 East Sees Ausin TX 78701 woke APD: GEORGE Seau: Hosted By: ATX Fowdown Symopsie Atolice lly evet to demonstrate suppor for Ms. Linda Niv. Ms Nuno alleges onasing bse, harsmen, and realiaton from an Aus plc ofice and hom he departmen Handa totse romain caine van is rcmunsanaesincott / o oren on ony u in rwcmmntsoune Minit nrop mr war ar on hie omornt ei anivan nematarelnciaaremet an Pgh Hor aponiorno ton npoulinager tere BHI ini in hormnarniduana nested unctassiemp/ror orriciat use ony

unctassiriEnror orriciat use onty A Uh Austin Rectonat InteLceNce Center (7 sen wnocacicesacre | Phone (512)976—27¥ | anctantintmas we (U) Event Information Event#6: ATX Street Forum — Protest Against State Violence (11 July) o" C P.. w/. I Numbers (ioown) Event URL haps /wineccom Sree forimians 1azonstosora7 sans Hos URE: tps hone fiebook com Stectronm ATX Wher: Sturt, 1 July (time unknown) Where: TBD Aor: tep Hosted By: ATX Stes Foum Symopals Event Hos advises "Join us Sx, 7/1, to make your vale herd & sand in slay aginst surevicence" (Anal Note: On 4 Jly 2020, ATX Stet rum post t a public facing use accoun: "We rea munal aid grou in Austin, TX commited t providing suppor to rotates and our local honelss communis, Ifyou ike to hel us contince poviding thi essential eet you can dente supplies dirvely or at Ssrcatoram cash app "I (U) Event Information Event?: Hays County #backtheblue Rally (yl) (tt July) ; _. IBAGKTIEBIIE YC Numbers: 63 going 0neroued Event URL bups mew acctok comevens a12cor0ume75s2) Host VRE ns hone hectook coneounassemsestien Wher: Sturdy, 11 July begining at 1000 HRS Where Miry ite Hartson Pac, 101 South Buclson Row, Kle TX 78610 woke ole PD ant lins Coms so Tos : RONNI 110 Cony no. oc oie Symopsi Rall evet to denonsate support fo aw enforcement Event organizes aise th rily will ake place ath grcho ar in he pak ant i a faniby friendly event Supporto are encouraged to wear bls and are advised to wear mask and prcice soil dizancing Handa ots rome carnet asa hatvcmun ranmenttncoutu 1 eoren tn nu intracmmnt seve Mimic rumi Faepaic tor war noc hac Hanamant faw aimenanerinueen t iecieamepen os Imam merairon rax nenan Ayan mac toa Bi ic ira in menmnarnrndurnnd rocoto ad unctassiermnrror orriciat. use onty

UnctassiFIED7/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Ae Austin Rectonat InreLuGeNce Caner e: Meena (U) Event Information Event#9; Peaceful Protest for Vanessa Guillen #NoMas (11 July) hese tol 329 (DJ R (OM. semi recou mem within mon Numbers: 00 going 23 ineresed Eye o rRrRRRRmppmpppmmmmm wo —ommmmmamamami Where: Republ Square, 422 Guadalupe Sre, Ausin TX 78701 Rove aio gronde cs aoi. eae e witt Onpmizes advan his mem na NeACRFUL roi" (U) Event Information Event#9: Blackout the Domain! (1 July) swer amenien susbes: patmt Erarvi non Hiim Obs bio hns facebook com IUSTAmenia2020! Wher: Satun, 11 July begining (ime TBD) Where The Duamiin Mall Coanny Outs Terace, Ausin, TX 7e750 Rote APD Abit Secor Towed By. JUS Anarca Symayate hal fren o demons eliday wit th Black on Manon tie fo Gorge Flop Fries Tstrctine: Thie wen wae iglly stom i sei pute wel page: howewes thl ust Ingnve mp imien irnloesmimined nial Amine She m Mima Sionie mnd ready ne mor maton damien oles Mete atau a wat namatid repute O sita l rpanzaimn omits oona nomanned en nea nan ier nt romacromet imen nes pedinm em emeninenatonsiererne unctassirrmpreor orriciat use onty

uncrasstrien—ror oreicrar use ony o o Pom ermmentee 67 > ct seoraritesasore Phone (ste)I7t—e>t | anceaintnimas oe (U) Event Information Event#10: Eas Side March for Vanessa Guillen (12 July) Col & cnam commons & © Numbers: (iinown) Evencurts imin lcelok com phon atotbid20¢ a07120576stbor om anmosass 16 Obes Artraee Wher: Sunday, 12 Jul beginning ar 1000 RS Where: Meetup a Mere Pat, 2007 Canary Sven, Austin TX 78702 followed by a march to Chicano Pak (Fists Gardens) 2100 Eas 3° Sven, Asin TX 78702 woe aro Clamp Secu Hows n. IRR Synopsis Rall event and march o hanor the memory of Arny Speilst Vanesa Guin. Even hos advises supporters o rive early and t wear white Masks ar required and socal clvancing is encouraged Th group will march rom Mer Park to Chicano Prk (Resa Garters) and will concude wit a candi vig and bere performance Ltnlist Nore: Thi event was feared by ocal neus media KXAN on 7 Jul 2020 e Riponedisansomfinesensma or sinuepilin i bebe icont anti on said (U) Event Information EventHHis Caravana a Vanessa Gulten (12 July) \ $ A d. Numbers: 44 going 9 ineresed Event URL hips new actbokcomievom a oorseznemoon Wher: Sardis, 12 Jl beinuing ar 1400 Kes Where Mee t Tnsclown, 15096 FMt 1825, PNugerite TX 70500 woke Missuile pp ese ___ ___ Symopai Carcaan even t honor Vaness Guile. Even orsnisr advie "In honor of Varess Cullen we will hav a carvan. We will mee at Tisetoun of Plugevile 23 we wll leve around 320 Handa tote romain onane vae ta horn ranietincoutt / orogen tn nyu ian wernt sou Mimic rnm Faepaic tor war eo hac amman faw amen neriaueen echo pan os Inglrree miorapon formic hou magoir tere Bi iih hurmarnrigeand Merotad unctassiermn/ror orriciat. use onty

UnctassiFIED/EOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY h Austin Rectonat Inteuuicence Center C C6 avaicesasore | Phone (512J570—27¢ | [email protected] we (0) 3s aldo iformten on nding eteus sews eter ihe A lreigenc idl Bemis p amcsmees doi Slit bermcremnniubes inca saniaed luted ro Hoclin Sis iertcn tale ia enacenemainenameieneuetne ree el. Ingen miornpon Port nin non namin Bim mith hornonnridoona meantad unctassiemp/eor orriciat use oncy

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