ARIC Informational Bulletin June 2020-Week 3

Nov. 30 2020 — 4:40p.m.


UnctassiFIEp/FoR OFFICIAL UsE ONLY h Moemnenti ele (7 ‘C % accrancteasore Phone (MteJir—270e | anct meg (U) Significant Dates This Weeks +: Juneteents 9 June) + Simmer Sobiice 20 June +. Father‘s ay Q1—dung (U) Event Information Event#1: Join the Community to Protest «= it (G3 «# sou. fl Numbers: (inirown) Eve o., ERR Event URL: hops nneccomPoeintintn nout erreemmemetam Wher: Testa, 16 June fom 102100 RS Where: Kies Fld 517 South Peasan Valley Roa. Austn TX re7e1 wok APD HENRY Sear Hosted ty: PEACE in Ausin Synopsis Part f an ongoing sete of rily evens hosed by social usc actvis organization PEACE in Austin Supporters are advise to meetp a Kies Fil o demonstar in larity with the Black Lives Mater movenen. This even wil include discusion, musi and eteainmenc (U) Event Information Event?2: PEACE in Austin at City Hal =z wou R R ¥ 2 Numbers (iniown) Event URL: nps/iwitercomteaceinAinin fors 2725 ar00 tose 274 Wher: Monday, 15 June and Weduexts,17 Jin from 1600—2100 HRS Where: Ausin Gi Hal, 201 Wes 2= Svea, Austa Tx 70701 wok: APD. GEORGE Scan: Handing tote noma ane ve ta home vanes nav ocpen on ony u iw wcmnt sou Mimnlit oon roopa mr war ar on hie omornt ei antes nematareinchareger n Pgh Hor aponrornc tn npoulinager tere BHI inin hormtornideand meawtred unctassiemp/ror orriciat use ony

UnctassiFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (sA) Austin Rectonat InreLuGeNce Caner (7 p Ch soocariterasory Phone (ste)97te/t | anceaitntmas oe c aat Srint foco foie more memers set w Aunts ie nmn tu sopmmure cs npimpay Mito inte eaton, enmmongan Ien done fe Ane pemmmanee n annie remindo feiols Aphiner deonstaing cally inthe Downtown Austin are to advocate for polic reform and soldariy withthe Black Lives Mater/hstic for Geoge loyd movement (nm toe Amin reo in emmaniatemine meen i tete ml at cw tat Plaza on Monday, 15 June, The rally remained peace u and now—dlcptie ] (U) Event Information t B it seseshine a 106 Se? Event3; Alles Rally Against Confederate and Police Violence (18 June) Aiming Sere men co o.. ifiemnpmppppppppoe Wher: Thinday,18 Jun rom 0900—1000 HS em omnembiien in men tanine Commemien mnt (o oatnele eee teen eee" "___ orem Sen memmiinminiih s comme vermne noe vlc a ite Mip anein abmomenin entembe aden int he HNNNNRRNNE voces (o t removal of confedente mome ments and staves herve they are loctnd and moderns a Facebook goup dedicat to "De—Confdirting® Austin This evet s Inked 10 [RNN cctook wou pass (U) Event Information Eventid: PEACE in Austin— Garavan to Killen Caravan to Drippings Springs, TX (18 Surg drous har raman airimiion betaine commmed nun Ra ie ia mo v aianham ate dove or an e a cocoa arni ane evet mala c at at ie nett. iepoimieno on imen iponere nom emenmamamnerie ann unctassimnyron ormicret ver outs

uncrasstriepsror orriciat use ony ho Penpoomreontc 2.05 Mepeneeseneentemeemioe Whese: Mosq t st Manis her ting Bouleva anda ien Allon By aman othe Teas sure tapot AOT APD.GEORGE Secor and TXDPS egon 7 Haste By: March On The Captal and the Mike Ramos Brigade Spmopals March and ill event described asa "perc! rot fr equality" Host orpanizaton fhrdinn feommabeiqing what esa onne m ante inintat onal Gn way fides, Infwencs Mihvitinal Spenta Ahi; Voteams that mals napa this erent" anabst Nove: As of 16 ine 2020, locl ani ple acthis organization Mike Ramos Brigade Mamie eenie ates opmciony (U) Event Information Event#6: Juneteenth Ride for Reform Numbers: 17 going 50 ineresed Event URE: ile herbook comon 1esstons076100 Wher: Fida, 15 Jive from 1830 2150 tins Where: Mec a Hancock Geter, HHE parking lo, 1000 Eas 41° Svea, Ausin TX 70751 Rote ann encocoronct sus es O C Sepe eeeiininnntite it Shat ei mugoue of dermniiy coe to Aounntogi Si n eaght mies inless mond rammnain ane ioneirie. In paginas ‘Soil i he Prompt Sadi ane. raking on wey jae cane m aho mony rates bo reve nel oe aln e main oe frmoaims a ond aren nivess ties festino snes + inniemenadimimnncem Tnobnt Note Even os [@@WGSWiRRRRRIBJ a to start thi ven tothe "PEACE in Austn® group pase] (0) Event Information Event#7: Juneteenth 2020; Stay Black and Live — Virtual 19 June) Numbers: ut) oes ate iemate nntne se e shone sante intuot ne spouting t autenn seve foei rneneenenemntmeetnnle iew cle ere reais reonn amniroes rune hoge nielemmim nt m eforms enttentens ate ege e unctassiemp/eor orriciat use oncy

uncrasstriep/ror orriciar use onty o Austin Rectonat Inteuuicence Center (7 SE. 6 snocaritesasary Phone (ste)97t—e/¥ | anceaitntmas oe Event URL: ups iw eventi: [email protected]¢Jinteent 2020 say—blaceardIveckes— 100024520518 Event URE: bps ioc ftook coven ozsonrsmarim Wher: Fida, 18 Jin fom a 180.2200 hits Where: Viral — sreaning across mlile olin platorms (Facebook, Instagram, Tic and o the Jnaeent wets wore un) Hosted By: Carver Miseim & Cual Cener Spmopsis Juneteenth 2020: Suy Black and Liv is a vimual Junteent festival earing seven Afra America community organization based in Aunin‘s ior Eas side (G.2 A ¥.A. Six Square CarveisaimATX, Caver Libra, and Junp On 1) iy Goundl Member Nausta Harper: Madison wil Ki of te fesivites witha welcome messag followed by a music and spoken word performance sees eauring aris rom the Aus Tras Count ren (U) Event Information Event#®: Juneteenth Protest — Cedar Park, TX JUNETEENTH . gig} PROTEST/ MARCLE muere sy. m Numbers (inon) Event URL: hip hn ou com atciv=BoPPHdIIRIA Evem ~ o, When Friday 19 Jie trom 1500—1000 ies Where: Gada Padk Resraton Cenen, 35 Man Suen, Cte Pa, TX 70613 wok Caia PacPD Hosted ys We Cant Bathe CPL (Coda Pd cunten and mouiis besculi ully even hosted by forthe purpose f demonsraun sofia wan te Back ives Maver movenen fists suppers to wear black botomswtie tos and masks and to practice sncil dancing Speakers vate snacks, and some sign willbe avalable a th event (U) Event Information Event69: Black Lives Matter Protest (19—21 June) Numbers: 1 going 19 ineresed Even URL haps hace bete contmens Listes roues iio oo. iiimmnmpppppppppppmmmaee Wher: Begining tan, 1 Jan a 1100 IG trough ounty, t jn a 140 HRS Where: Georgson Sqr, 710 Sout Main Svea, Georgetown TX 70020 Hanter noma amazes is home vanes nav open tn ny u iw acme sou mnnfitvnt roomier ien fieoiomant ner anieinamitani nieahatngec s Pighin Hor aponiorhcine npoutinaec tere Bimini horntarniidunnd neontored unctassiemp/eor orriciat use ony

UnctassiFIED/FoR OFFICIAL USE ONLY o o penne Coke: inecaritessorg Phone (5t2]9ri—2rk | nctmutntes ge won oromo P ant Witton Cammy 50 hese __ 0 Spropsis Praca rll even to devonstae slidariy wit the Black Lives Mater movement. oo. Reep 0.— eenpepel iimned meenomngigate io Paco nomerer C (U) Event Information Event#10: The Black Lives Matter Forever March (20 June) Mumpie Numbers: (iniown) ho o. °fpmmmmmpmmppppmmmmm Wher: Satutay, 20 June begining a 1100 RS Whore Beds Soul Colne nrome ant fas Howe Bow followed y amout ite oplet ROTC APD. DAVID GEORGE Seans am nxore nene r Tested By: @anpovee. coc. ORI Spmopsi: Rall erea o march and demonstrate salidrty wh the Back Lies Mater movenen: Ses UMI 10. commen ss rermen bean mos io wnt ii moonge bus Back Inca mame BVBRTY SINGLE DMY . EVERYONE i ined. he prowl ener 0 atodihamrerl at the inmeedon f Booth Gongs i Bas towce iorec Phe man il begivar Mstar" (U) Event Information Event#11: CANCELED Juneteenth Celebration & Social Justice "Pull Up® ily @20—hune) Numbers (inloonn) Phen Sin igperbees anenome uten ull remutunl iate: leneeeemncidenniennetennerinimateteenninmntdete His Dike inpatorstastodiom(dahtis When Sout 2bimcton 300 oionits Aol APD chantle becn Hosie ie Aisin As Ubon Lage Coron inon sice comin s ie thie osu soon mote regminuion oem onmeremnanne ie hon inpon cme dn inoarmtate: Mien epee ier rrominimenoninets ante ie ane duvi Sie beariemnsnninins u arn somite rua vali Sul te elin mite tominenoepmeanmemanene ane iedenelnenece. iepammao en imine meningnnn mim atmerimemenscndineaten unctassirrmpreor orriciat. use ony

UnctassiFIED/EoR OFFICIAL UsE ONLY A Uh Austin Rectonat IneLeNcE Center h (os marimenmons hone (O RANTeT anctmenmmen ane voice o express tha the time is now to fight forsocist and economic equity n Gontal—Toras i ¢ (U) Event Information Event#12; Brujas for BLM: MASS MEDITATION + RITUAL PT;2 (20 June) a. C "$% ERRSRSIEIR Numbers: 2 going 63 ineresed Event URL: hip wn facebook com evens arseamonerasta Wher: Sturdy, 20 June beginning at 1628 HRS Where: Teras Sure Captal — Soth Gae, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austn TX 78701 wok: Arp Groror seas vo », ERR Synopsis Flt used even fo the purpose o emcting a healing mediation and spirtal prcice in woldarty with the Bleck Lives Matter movement. Thi even includes a medtaton, a ayer and a "smudaing" (burnin of sig bundles, Even has advise "ti switche, shamans, roommerkon, apitalits, an al other enemy poctionrs Jane 20,2020 @ astiPM we willbe meting on the orme of it and Congres fo a second clletive mass mediation ral of proton and transmutation. mostimporanly the minds pis of o black community members righ now need o be provcind (U) Event Information Event#13: 3" Sunday (21 June) matiang .. [email protected]$/ Numbers 20 going: 111 incr Event URL hips hs facebook comievens 251ont sn4n41 4 Wher: Sunday, 21 Jie fom 1000—1500 Hs Where Baron Spings ler Pac, 2100 Baron Springs Road, Asi TX 78704 Aok APD.DAVID Secor Hosted By: Black Sheep Theoy Synopsis: Gathering o th purpose of promoting communities by "staring small bninesss that serve the communiy." Event hot also dvi "We will so be geting to know our neighbors this Handa tote romain nne se ts home raniet nant rcten tn nyu in wernt seve MimfironmiFaepaic tor war eo hac amaman feiw aimenanetinuen techn pan os Ine Wrren miorapon forn an hou nagoir tare BHP ii horrmanrideand macora unctassiemp/eor orriciat use ony

UnctassiFIED/FoR OFFICIAL UsE ONLY Ae Austin Rectonat IntELLGeNce Cenrer 2 "oh menarmmaneref Prove GND PTT annitemimeam ae (V) Fo addidona informaion on ending evens pleas rete to he ABD Inllignce Divison Evens Calenta ancsmeas Handa tote roman mane se ts home vanes innate ocpen tn ony u iv nue sou Minitoontroonlmernar nies ienominnt nie aniinnmetentreiicharemer as Peg Whim Hor aponiorn n npoulinager tere BHI inin hormnorniguana meawtored unctassiemp/ror orriciat use ony

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