Law Enforcement Line 3 Protest Exercise: “Operation River Crossing”

Mar. 23 2021 — 6:03p.m.


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Partcipant Guide Mut—Ageny Response ort Sees nezo to know mroror rrmanants Whtht Thorday, September 17, your agency anal tim is schedetad below. + Pease be atthe EMTCat your scheduled time. +. You ll go through the regstation and COVD screning proces as a grou, by Jatstcio. +. You wil bus down range in groups f no more than 20 atthe mes scheduled below. +. Ifyou have symptoms of COV fever cough shortnes of breath, STAY HOME. Remiormame/e Arevone susoeramure Tue [__ 1. Atinconn Gm) Joos ___ lerisorse ____|12 [2 Stiouscounyo) Joes ___ Jans ___ |i | [__ 3. Growiingcomm nol Jone ___ [@ ___ [3 | [__ £ Gartencomn(iol __ ons ___ {@ _______[3 | [s. wile tas Coup ie) _| oms ___ [@0s _______[4 | [6 Morson Gountyie) __| ome ___ [@ ___ [4 | [_I Wadenstomy® __ |ons ___ leo ___ [3 | [__ 6. GeanaterCoummy (m) _| ome ___ (@i0 _______[5 | [__. Hebberd com ue) — ows ___ (@ss ___ 16 | io roi coumy @ ___ Jaws Jas __1i } [__ it Sedercommy(aa) Joss ___ Jess ______17 | [iz [email protected]) ove ___ Tess ___ [7 } Whe: Emergency Management Tairing Contr (MT (sn atached map) Cam Risley 19000 Mahay 135, Lite Fals, an sesas—azrs +: A the gat, have you idetication ready, tal th gurd you ae thre forthe aw enfrcoment exercise Vehicies may be searches. + Proceed to th Emergency Management Tning Corer (CMTC) sm atached map}. + Flow all pest speed ints and remeber no cel phone use whl diving at Camp Ripley. There are requirements for mctorele rides on base: hame, long part/chaps, and gloves. if riders are not in comlance thay vo‘tb alound on base. + PARKING: Follow the map and signs and park BEHIND the EMTG you ll rde an amsignad bus doun range. now ro reister: 1.. secure au weapons in your veitcie. no wearons count nance. 2. wear vour masi ar au nives is vou canmor wear a mask, stay nowe. 3. Goto th eat door f EMTC; enter one ata time atasignad door look o signs for your asigned door. 4. Answer COVD sereening questions weapon security queston 5. Gettemptaten. 6. if tem is within range, folow ign to credentialing vindow 7. Get photo tin follow igns to pit up mack and lunch. 8. Ext north ide of EMTC and wat for your assign bus down range to staging. Allpartipants wll ie buss down range unless asigned to orcs Sta and some other prearanged postions. :

Participant Guce Mut Agency Response ort Seves wnat to wears +: Source contrl mask forCOVD Thisis required +. OresfoHeld and tacicaloperations *. Se prepared tora ranse of temperatures and rin. wnt to aig n addin to your sual duty equipment + Wearyour source contolmask Bring an era + Wiesorsantizer + Linch and water wil b provided. ring a lunch coole/ic if you want to keep it colt. + Binga go bag wit all the things you igh need ona fld assignment: tacical gear extra clothes snacs/dinis, hygiene tems, Band Ads sunscreen, bug spray, etc +. raricipant packet or Exercise Saf packt pen fo feedback survey. arter me exercise ana wor wasn +:: When you ae released by cormmand, you willbe bused back to the ETC In thesame order as you were based dour range.Contralers wil guide the proces from stain. +. You willbe asted t fl outa fedback form and giv it to the Bus Manage. +: Time of completion wil vay by number of attendees and acts. We hope to have al attendees bckto the EMTC no ater than 630.2700. mss on nextrnce.. :

renia oe Sine rememenmi tones % a rowe >* a Bin] o al s= _ ‘ [esos imns o) Fees t — | | c hanes » POC § mats h fos? § srone &" 1 en a) #> (Sis > Gd yo | (] ay _, { a

Exrast Overview EH —»» mi emoeiemmnigies comiemicmmie Salm bonnet in 1) Epuhe ame nny wommeone be aveide ot HSN ant wine 4. EMW antenne ances regometomt omsplint fmmuemndnenenteney hess panne anerinincamidinincnin s

rartcsant Gude Mut Agony Response ort seras Genera. Information Exercise Objectives and Core Capabitties ‘The foloving exes ctiecives inthe ttle desert the expected outzomes forth exercise. Te otectves ae Inked to ore coanites moe pom Conduca mult agency response ing the prncples OperstonalCoontaion ofhiM3CS and wing isin fore powen and mowatad spreencnts tbl, naitan and tice nteopeaie Operitoral Conmuntcrions communicaions among al eipndig agence and mevormatt Extabt hy mses of he stunto thad and communicate acicaland oitcalprorise anong «ll rponding genie and suppor nuf. Extblah an candace eforemnt response | On Sane Secuity,Prstcton and lawEntrcement based on recagited tarda and pplcale Mrreotesste. PanidpatRles and Resporsbitis Group o ariiart vtr ith vce and thei respective rte and responses, ae a falown: Pye Hares ae pasonluho hav an atv rel n pcrnin thi reg rele ancreponstiten darngths errise They tat acton i esjonse tth simulated eron. Contrato. Contolr lan a manage ence pln, setup and pte the evi st, dict the ace of th eerie, provid ky dia toplrrs and ma mot ointa cein lye acton t ensre erin contrity In addtion thy iu ccs mater t payers areqared monter the errcse Eineln, and supervise th fay o allrcinprtcipants Sitton. Snuiter are convo sall personel bo mos ote operate ou ofthe Simulation Cal (Sence bat they may ecadonaly have facet face contact with playes, Salters function under the speritn of incl canvotersenacing rots in accordance with insrucion provided in the Maser Sarada vous te (MSC. Entire: balatos raat an provid feedback on a deigate inctnd aes ofthe emrtse Oberm. Observe vew sled sent of the exrcie.Obseves view the nrcin fom a deigrated obmnation aes and most renai vitin the oberaton nea doing the ense

Participant Guce Mut Agency Response ort Seves bree sincure This src wih seres of ils at utile verses tr repite ig recasig a COUO screening. and secuteg weapons iners lb signe t prtcate ith folowing eas 1.. remote scocatnecurc 2. reso suus 2. reterorsans 4. tecingfai ver attMTC Tain room 5. retesste 6. Tamporise 7. wroms Paes ull eceiestvtiont ites at thi assigned ares by contoersor command sut. tarts Gudeines 1. Tiserertsevilhldna no frat ervzonment. 2.. Exabisnedawenforcement andis an indent command racic vil be fotoned. 2. Aapptatleres ontrances and tts wilh folound. A.. motion song efonst actin ai otjecves valet fous: orie Assumption an wrtcaites Te eri wi ban with aincdetin progress and ressontng ences ui be postar to artcat as reasenec during this nrc: 12. Gaile lam sptems and poceses wil bcemontated and nites. 2. te seenaslusbleand event cur asthe e prsenes. 3. sietstretennionty A. Sfey Offer can and wil suspend actves for unsafe acon. Wea your mas, beep your ditance trom others as muchas postle. ercs Docamentaton Thi ai ses is na a test Documentation an valuaton ofthe eer e are hase on th ams cjectves and ental aks wich are docmenesin ris Rabuaton Ges teo +. Evaro have ERGs fo eachother assgned res +. Aiyer be astedtoconpltefeestaccfoms +: Erato es nt mean this is test. Cnbatas wil eco cbsevatons ofthe o inte to hep sartcioant se areas of rent and area fo improvement, and to he evevone wo tgeter efeciviyinareatweri ven ‘ree dacnets uth cotter chsevatont an otes wil e usedto abate he earce and uite he AerAcion test (AML

Participant Guce Mut Agency Response ort Seves Bxnasesarer mo Secunm Geentsatey erie paricpan safty ates rty over ercse cents +. Prtcoantsudl outa Conte or Safty Offer fay unsafe acion or conttons. +. Prtebarts mut notly a Cntvater or Stet Ofcer immediatly fo ay rea word energences +. A emergency courttonis unthrou Cam Ale Range Conte Operaton t 20i6 3127 + camp Riley Rane Conta Opeatons ull cl 911 andeoosiate th respons ot oun range andin thehoving aem tvesutey Standart fre safety repatons w bfotoned turns he crise +. rartcontsuil respond o re lami buling by encing and srperdng exrcie no: +. inthe eventota fe call Camp Role Range Contol 20162137 tnergency Madcat sevces came Riley Rane Contra Opeatos at 320.616 3127 wtcoutnat wth oal enersencmedcalsevcesin the eventota reat medcatenersency Serre vester tn th eentotsevere wether Cam Rte Range Conttwi uta persone down rang andin the hooing areasotvestreremersences +. Theyil rove idace tthe ume ofnaifcaton + Al peone sn info ranges must maintn sty conat wit rane contrl va rai orca phone + tane contrl vilcanact a down range peiondlif an energen ocus + dieuidespenienvilboadast ens €000 19 srmening and Pecavtons oue to rent conttonresring te COVD 19 Pandenc l paricpats wit b reese efre artcpatn Inthe exece Ths crening nue a temperture cc avestonreqriog heath an acivtes and dotibatonol a mate tothe particpant f he icv does not havea mask + ranidpans wilweara mask atl me and mantain o socal ditancng when possbl. + raniigans who fa th rreenin ull no participate and wil b iret to go ome. += Paricbants wih symptoms of COVI (fever cough shortness of breath, MUST Stay HoME. +. Paribants who are unwiling or una to wea a mask may not partipate n this enerce. Secaty came Miley is a ec faci A persone ereig1he base wit show ropridencaton and vides maybe search atthe ate Pirers should aduse thi veru‘s rtraer or Safey otter ot any eauthotced or sicous penons Observer Corton bseners mas he coordinated in advance Obneners wl folow conter ntacion and sta indesprted taerise Hnitcaion Exerse taff vile Hefe y vet o anar badges to cat dupay evrce oe aston unform «doting maybe wor tostow agency atiatin Weaponsoley A patcont weapons witb secre in pariopat vide orto editing and proceeding to verses

Participant Guce Mutt Agency Response orl seres Post—exercise ano Evacuation Activmies Herwian At the endo th esrcse, Contas cndac a Hot Wash ising about 30 minute at te Proteo Vere to atow playes to al tout rents an areas fo improvement rabatos may sk questions reparing ier actons and econ maing roceses.Obsevas need not tend controler ant altar ocbratog Contatar and alates ten fitted Ot Doig atthe EMTTROC meatal fotowingthe exerie, ating ths deber controle and eluates talk aout thi otseved inctontaras and cuss svens and estrnororement Patidpat reebackfoms Faricbart eedaacFoms roid layers uth the oppotunity to comment candy on enercse aivites ond «serie design, ParidontPeedbac forms wilh cotecte ath concusonof the ot Wash batition trc Rakaton Gites This itseres isnot a tet. Onto us EEGs to cotet reornt vrchecbseations G document eercie otjectves and paid eabatos wth infomaton on what thy sto expect to ee denonstate in tha frelon are. e G1 coule uth ParticpantFedbac forms an No Wath tes are usedto evar th rci andcomple h Atertcton Report (M1 Aer eton egon The A summarize bey ifomaton eine to elation Ths wtb com y the erercse plaing eom and tard uith patcoants Paridoans may wih to wite their oun ARs ase o thei ageo7spatipnton andlesonsteaned

Participant Guce Mutt Agency Response ort seres Prrmcimant nrormamion ano Guioance Exercise utes Th fotoving enenlres govem xercse pl +. Reawoidemerency aciontate pian orer nrcse actons +. Ame plyrsuil com ith reatworld emernency procedures nts others rete by the cooreisut * Alsentvecommuniaton nding uritenWedtOC,tlehone,and ma) curng he eac wil b and end vit the surement "is isan errcse rider anthing that cou be mitten ora "eal word event" to b sertiv communication Us ofthis tase hls to prevent oti on th rd systems rom mitaing he exrco for an actual vent. Payers instructions bere the tere All plies alow th Inucions on whee to pak howto repier and id asiged ase. Read you Perlfomaton Handout ich incuts informaton on exerci fa. ouing t tre — Respond t nrche events an infomation asi he enersenc vere rea nls others dreced by an arcs contol +. Contol wil gve you ol nformation the ae dreted to stare, Youre noetedtochuin other necessary informaton through enstng emergency nformation chant. +. Donat ensainpeioalcomenatons wth controle, enuats,cbseves,or mea periomel + Ifyou donot understand the cape ofthe exrcs, ori ovate uncein about anoanzaton‘s partcbatonin an eerie, aa contale. +. Serstve ncn communcatons wil bai and en withthe atenent "Tis it an avrchn." This precastonstatn so hat anne uh overhear the convertion vil not mitale crc la fr areiivord emersenc. + Speak when you tae anacion This roceure wil emir tat everone isvare ofertcalactons anterccur +. I nan£0G command communiaton o drinaive ols, mainana logo ates in Wed This log may indude docmeniton faites that wee mise b a convateor eataros Aner tre turcie +. partebare inte ot Wash at your ven wth convatar and elutes +. Complete h Partcant Feedback Form Ths form alows you to comment canal on enerzency respose acivties and exrose fectsenes. Give th connletad forn to vrcheatfater the rot wa + Provide ny otes or matral genated om the exrcsto yor controler or auto forriew and incusonin te m + Myou experince an ymotorm of COV 18 n the 1 ys ater th xrche, lease sek testng and nt you supenisor as son as possbl.

Participant Guce Mut Agency Response ort Seves Brcxarouno Inrormmon Septemmer 16, 2020 Courion peraton ae undermay na ons termaitalintatvctre project cos mute countesin Menesta Som lol uceions ave area expndennd protests y thse oppose t th projet Pubic sitet offctsbecame aware ofa si nso mea messaging actuty epacing laned otes and demonstrator nthe ne few wees at nulle cator tong the concn oct, party ata misil Aver rosin in ln Count Muti roupsindeate th wiltavto th counts lng the route topotsttepoiec. nea these rous is asacated wth pastcrmina atte dring protests trespasingcbicing a uble way ctnieadanage t propery irda cnduc,tetrence with vate tren acesing uite rine srepet alons w ves and asaut on vate ecuit peiomel aw entrcement fies, and othr pubic sien ti wor personel ‘o Regina Energeny Opeatos Centers (EGG have area ben esabtshe Nortwes £0C near Crosiston and Nortea EOG ne Dvlth HGGM ariay actuated ts Rona $0 atthe Emergency Management Trang Center GMG at Cmp Relo and some sate asets we stage thre Key issues +. the projet barci sansa large are and vil b cogon fo atleast th ne 8 months +. th numberof rott and cut duakederce acton ae Hel to nrese, based on montong o scat imei stes and th impeding nea in contctonatuiy ons he out o th projec +. one ous at ovis ha ensagedincriia atts eated to past rote o simar pojeas + Mon alent demonatonactiviies may have large number o peole resent and may incute ot doabeserc acton ct as real to move fom rontwars or vate ropety + Aetss may inclue actos that biac rodvays trespass on ate roper, actors tat Iritor bock acest rtl nfastactore threat of rovery dstocton damage to ropety vancatin, and theatsof volerce tovar felow participant lw entorcement and contctonworten, anong others Hocing devees tat anchor denonitatrs to watonar cet ae oten seat thse denonsvaton. Current Stuaton Setemiber 17 a020ot00hours an ths dy An County law enforcement ocal have responde to a rse protest nea a laned Mission Mivercrong o th proj: Muta a requests have bean mad to nightoigcounie on th 9 tous County mable command whle astea setup near th ste of the ver rosin rtens The rurnbr of protests rast inceaing Wie many e taning ety Naing san o igen the ee speech wen, sevealindtuals hav cld thensevsto rge eaoment wth heavy chins an "deng agen‘. Others are loin th roadway and accs to the wakaen an relusng orders to spre: A snl oun f wotesers has stared theatnine pee workers aw enforcement fic and lotinghatoons Aled wit rine and dee resetent Thaeme ant tery of actosisnereasog ants cea more pesonn ad soecaeed resources wilh needed to remove tressasies and de axaite the staton Key ios +. tare rumbersofindntials are rfuin afalorders to daperse +. he protest nowincits heats to law enfacement votes and oter denonttatos +. Aditiona resources ar needed to remove trespassers and declite th stuaton

Participant Guce Mut Agency Response ort Seves Orit verses and Papose 1. nsemiregomistocstme ttc a.. Atas seare retonl Sate merency Oneatonsceter b. Tack inadentiwerroc . SceenparidaatsforCOVO 45, conti weapons ae stoved and secured fo echotfcer 6. bue rerte/ncdentcrndentas . Manage lastcalnces fo th incidents equesed 1.. Manage acualopraton and logic nerds ofthe excie 1. MandComms . read indbemases m topment n. Tamiotaten 2. reponesugoe pete fowart m enforcement tan are uth pai safety oarvrstoughot mute ages ola ort ovesteren a. Name siging manage b.. Etabsn mate command rade and n of ommuncaton btveenstagng aren and iC . Checkin responde wing redenilvacire d.. Esai pecannelaccounaity resorne eocedre PA) 3. retenorsugine Proteo rep ares or MAANG memes uho wit ctasproteton. a. repsooge b.. rentogotopotestres 4. Aecing ier roup and Verse t EMTC ary Taling Room Conde tilo dicuson ot mutagen arstand detention operations. 5. retetste a.. rise obiels fore Operation b. eseGttamtis c. beceoutnac 6. Errisearest and hndat to mobiebootng . Mannan itropeae communications uth l pricpant an responders 1.. Matai command stucture and communicate Ritrouthoutnsdet rom esablsting command to command charges 6. Obnenver nresat protenorvence: Oisenerscan wath acialopeatons ofvene a. deatrssetuptorcisens b.. Agencesaisgnsaitto scot thai own stuns ¢.. Oinenersfolowintncton of contater on sae ctsenaton ea 7. tamostubeic Stute ston fo bs t/m verse oun ange

sessment mon opere rersonee concerns APPENDIX A: Exercise SCHEDULE (_ re "_ [rew "_] Registaton beans GOVD screening and weacons che a ENTG rear doo: enne n amaminin [~~ oris | Stuties bean to doimrange venues vises [~~ sun ~ | SurBrome ones semen megan [~~~ ‘0630—~ | En bus af paiapans anives at Sagng. erase speatons n progass O630—1400 | Exeriseaperalons progress Lunch is not schedule. partapant wil eat as ime seerte Teat Exerise cperaionsin progress. hot wash nmedatal folovs, beg partapants mom oome [~~ 1850 | Lastbus i Eito. Ender Tees Bn "| Goes aat come eamon aie eme Eecemremaing s intent more

Partcpant Guide Mut—Agony Response ort Sees Appenpix B: PaRticiratine Acencies [Reier

Participant Guce Mutt Agency Response orl seres ApreNoixC: Communications Pran Au SENSTVE seoren aro warren commumcemons wa sm ano evo win me srarement "mass mosses" Aiyer communications Axeriecommunicatont da not ntefre uth ea werd emergency communications. aricpans must outya Contate o Safety Offer imedituy fo any ret wold emereres Camp Rite Rang Contel Operon: most edited oren word emersnces contotercommuntcatons The tinie method infrmaton vant fo conraters uing the eee are rado and Wextoc (deeimentaton. Th Errcse Conte wit announce ctangein tte xrcse va rado. Te pima mean of communcaton anon l oartcoats ae rado cons. communcaton creck efor th errcse, the COMLcondcs a communication check fy rado and the phone sptem to ense reduntanc and vnintenvnted low of cotrainfomaton Aiyer trates Contrtes ull proide scena dts to prtciont t asin evere ply. Techncalhindots may be provided to otentslayesto th events o the mercie rustcatiis Tissa dosed event, media wil note ented weseoc Use of iebE0C is requsi o svatont arenes and any resource requens acting h proces cow wt inte this more ania i areal world event Mode Command an ariopatng EDCs can vie WeOC o crete Incl SpoResors Atty tos ncden Acton ars desource Recut, 105 214 and more Peso sethe13 205 communication la oth folowing pare

Errcse lan onaFt Mut Agony Response ort seras Aprenoix D: Exercise Mars Down range venues srorest ween

poe 7 s=} [ I je cie: — %\, f Parings Ses 2 90 C4 serimome Fees sC A 4 bonor ean ® §] \) : IRIE: \ = I youre ccig) .=. orecreto E. [| daonicn — : ay |

Exrase tim onart Mut Agony Response ort seres ApeevoncE: Cone Camaumes Deseo commopmmtenmemmsmee Anel irhenraane Operaioal Communtatons unde th msion ats | SPRoi.o t aint atimoms nite anons and me betvealfictecommunites inthe inact ares and Mitpoatoces Sbb antminen ouitiientonntount pomeemmmme mie memmeas |Repeamennmipennmepine Aoefoadnen fafadntings " | Repro ie redannnentionie mest ooine Sesbiedidesisn meter ult te donnie soin sommmmonle temmmoons .. [Romormptrarnnecemnraiie hemeed inetenninesionmianen aik meng nome sate ast nememinne iouples On can Seit, rotecion and lawtnfocement, oon nmarcas A maining min he meme usertegsnt affected aon and aho to respons pesconl Pene aie

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