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Jul. 1 2015 — 9:51 a.m.

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SECRET Atomic SIGINT Data Format (ASDF) Configuration Read Me ?verview The ASDF Configuration Fiend Me is designed tp prpvide prpcedures for other prganizatipns tp cpnfigure their servers tailpred tp their requirements and missipn. Mare specific, it prpvides prpcedures far generating and forwarding ASDF data ta FALLDUT, which then is fprwarded tn the MARINA reppsitprv. i5} FALLDUT is a DNI metadata esplpitatipn and integritv service which canverts, validates, nc-nnalizes, classifies, and distributes UNI metadata tp algprithms and rules prpduced hv Esplpitatipn. FALLDUT feeds metadata reppsitpries, such as iviAFil NA, METAWAVE, FAECIA, and with full-take and selected metadata derived cpllectipn and prpcessing svstems such as TLI Fii'viDIL, 2J3, BLACKP EARL, SCIESDHS, and pthers. The MARINA metadata applicatipn tracks a user?s experience,gathers cpntact and develpps summaries pf target activitv. This pffers retrieval, data aggregatipn, viewing, and same manipulatipn pf specific data tvpes cpllected Cpnfiguring HE ASDF can he in three phases. First, vpu will address pre-cpnfiguratipn requirements. Nest vpu will cpnfigure far ASDF fprwa rding. Last, vpu will execute a grpup pf set-up prpcesses. Pre-Eunfiguraticm Requirements The Atpmic SIG NT Data Farmat requires the - The most recent update an each server that is processing data. Please see the Fipvale with Cheese Updater Haw Tp dpcument tp cpnfigure vpur FiEtp pull the latest updates. - MAILDHDEH cpn?gured tp pick up KLG MAILDHDEH files the Master server in the DA TA_Dinqu 1 SECRET
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SECRET Canfiguring skssen?g ta Generate ASDF Files Cpnfiguratipn generating and fprwarding ASDF can be in just five steps: 1. 2. 5. Lpgc-n as the user spe c. (UIIFDUDI At the cpmmand line within anv tvpe vi csnfi and then press Ente c. The file will ppen. (UHFDUD) In the #putputs sectipn pf set the prIpwing cpnfiguratipns: a. ssdf_sutput yes This enables the digester plugin. b. ssdf_t cig HLG This sets the LDHDEH trigraph tp cprrectlv write but the asdf MAILDHDEFI ?les. c. ssdf_p ciscitv This sets the pripritv in the file name. (UHFDUD) In the #[prpcessesj sectic-n pf set msilscdec yes tp enable (Ll) Tvpe wq 1 and then press nte 1: ts save and exit Additianal Pracesses In additic-n tp editing cpnfiguratipns in it is tp run several set-up cpmmands. 1. (UHFDUD) At the cpmmand tvpe se tup processes and press Ente Because LU HDEFI. is enabled in step 4 abpve msi ve executing this cpmmand will create the msi lscde c_pcsc prpcess en the Master server. (UHFDUD) At the cpmmand tvpe and press Ente c. This will ensure all pf running prpcesses pick up anv cpnfiguratipn changes. (UHFDUD) At the cpmmand tvpe setup plugins and press Ente Because The digester plugin is enabled in step 3a abpve ssdf_suput yes}, esecuting this cpmmand wi setupthe cli gest plugi cm the Master server. (UHFDUD) At the cpmmand tvpe push_csnfig and press Ente c. This pushes the new p ugin_cpnfig tn the slaves, after running the step abc-ve. (UHFDUD) Dn the Master server, the cpmmand tvpe safe tp restart the pcssess_dsts_pscent? . 2 SECRET