BLARNEY program overview

Nov. 16 2016 — 2:36 p.m.

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550 Web (U) BLARNEY Home - Windows Internet Explorer 7 - .. ?f A ll Elle Edit l_liew Favorites Iools ?elp Links gm (unhoaenewms?vie g1 mm a chemise.? gGoogle g. Googlel <56 :zl'll- l? "l Bag? SIDI 5353 S3531 $3532 53533 ?22:22:: I EAII Files 850 HOME LEADERSHIP ABOUT SSO STRATEGIC INTENT ORG CHART VACANCIES CONTACT US HELP THE YAKABOX (U) Contact Information MISSION SUPPORT HUB Home F'rvz'iecls [Ic'nan'nenI-s. Cb:rillguratl-jn Management SWO On Du Special Source Operations Front Office Request ~.c:ess ti: PRISM Page MSH Phone: - Email SWO Alias: SSO ACCESS STATUS Building: a: n: :3 le Unilateral Frlagrl H, deser Other a elem 'Jutages (U) BLAR. El has been in eustence smce the earl} 19, 05 In 19, 8 the (U) For the Analyst Engineer ng 3 :3 35 31 pr; gram YEAR ESTABLISHED program came under the authority ofthe Foreign Intelligence l.l.3 nagemenl [we ?3r. Surveillance ACT Customer . . . BLARNEY IS an ongomg collection program that a 6 5mm?. leverages IC and commercial partnerships to gain access and exploit .U 53-9-3: swat: Ince- foreign intelligence obtained from global networls. The program 0 my: :33: 2-3 vjijergtl 3.5 .5. operates under the authorities FISA. FBI FISA and FAA. General DISC-3.64, Inf-3 BLARNEY is the leading source of F1 SA collection. Special Acuymes producing over 11,000 reports and is consistently a top contributor to p.393: INTELLIGENCE VALUE the President's Daily Brief: The program contributes to over 60% of i1 BU i: product reporting for the CounterTerrorism Product Line and over Fog.) 39;: E. 3-3h 3.331.] Hana geniem 80% of the overall FAA reportingbl' ~cce53 Tr1glal:vhl.l.3ster .armnr?en. I . . .- 4 MAJOR TARGETS (T F) omatic esta 15 merits ounterterrorism Ll-.t war-J Forelgn Gox ernment and Economic .'.l'nats. an Caner QC Engineeung Raven MAJOR T0 and Production E?C?er: &usms (Counterterrorism);Executive Branch.CIA. Military Commands. Policy Foul: . .4 INFORMATION Makers l: REL 3m; Pram-ms Flr_.erRepcrIs 1.3m? H: If 7m ?3'3""35'3'l'3l"3? - - Ccrmillance Name Title ill I, I Tfird?t?edsie? Canticle: Belem