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CON Fl DENTIALHSI CADENCE Read Me ?ye ryiew [ny?Sl] CADENCE is a selectipn tasking dating back tn the days pftelegraphy. In the pf telegraphy, pnly the textual cpntent cf the cpmmunicatipns was intercepted. CADENCE's rple was tc- assign tategpries tn the text and then fprward the data fer a giyen categpiy. CADENCE, in cpmbinatipn with selectipn tc-pls, is still used tc-day by many Digital Intelligence (UNI) systems. can be cpnfigured tp ingest CADENCE dictipnaries, and prpyide high-speed cpntent filtering, selectipn, and fprwa rding capabilities. The CADENCE system fully autpmates the Dictipnary Management prpcess tp ?lter and select intelligence. Dictipnary managers and target can submit, reyiew, and fprward dictipnary updates tp scan traffic tp execute categpry rules and tc- define Bpplean and ppsitipnal ecluatic-ns pf Receipts far these requests are autc-matitally generated, statistics are cpmpiled and repprted, and apprc-yed updates are maintained in a database cc-ntaining histprical infc-rmatipn fur the HUD reyiew pf Cpn?guring CADENCE can be in three steps. First, ypu must a pre-cpn?guratipn set-up prpcess. Next ypu will cpnfigure xics.ccn?g tc- enable CADENCE tasking and apprc-priate MAILDHDEH rputing. Last, ypu will execute additipnal set-up prpcesses: Pre-Cnnfiguratinn Set-Up these steps befc-re cpnfiguring HE CADENCE: 1. Tp submit a new Data Management Requirement in yc-ur gp tc-: _3m1fs3 midfs?mldl? Management and steps 1-3 submitting a new H. 1 CON Fl DENTIALHSI
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CDN Fl DENTIALHSI 2. Create a MAILCIHDEH ticket to set-up the pick-up directory for your Master seryer: a. Type mailoco?lec in the URL field of a browser on a high-side computer. b. Click on the yellow Remedy Ticket button near the top right of the screen. The Fiemedy Ticket Submission screen will appear. In the bottom half of the screen are two regions each containing a yellow Submit Remedy Ti oket button. c. In the bottom half of the Flemedy Ticket Submission screen is two yellow Submit Remedy Ticket button s. Click the top button of the two. (This ticket pertains to New Data-Flow}. The ITSC login screen will appear. d. Enter the of your alternate PDC and then click Continue. A screen containing contact information for you and your PCIC will appear. e. Addedit the contact information as appropriate and then click Continue to go to the Doto tronsport seryice screen. f. Click Dataflow request and then click Continue. The Requestfor New Doto Fiow on on Existing Tronsport System screen will appear. g. Enter as much information as you can. In the Doto Fiow Chonge Description field;r specifically indicate that the drop-off directory should be: h. Click Submit. ?iou wi receiye a confirmation e-mail indicating the ticket has been receiyed, and more information may be requested before the ticket can be completed. The oyerall process might take anywhere from a few days to a week to complete. 3. Fiepeat step 2 to create a ticket to set-up the pick-up directory for your Master seryer. In this case, in step g, specifically indicate that the pick-up directory should be: (export! data fakeyscoref outputsyr mai ord er. 4. foy?FCiUCi} After you receiye an approyed response backfor your DiyiFt, send an e-mail message to? to start receiying CADENCE tasking. 2 CDN Fl DENTIALHSI
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CDN Fl DENTIALHSI Configuring airscenthe user dpec. At the cemmand line from within any directery, type yi cdnfig and then press Ente c. The altscenfig file will epen. Set the feIIc-wing fc-ur CADENCE cenfiguratic-ns: a. cade nce yes: This enables CADENCE tasking. The default setting fer this cenfiguratien is be. This entry is what creates the cadence_tasking_prec prc-cess, after setup precesses is run. Note: If you enable CADENCE, then yeu must set up MAI inputs fer CADENCE tb gu intu i nputd Idade nee . [See step 2d beluw.) b. ei te_fdi HEX: This is the identifying trigra ph assigned te a particular system that is embedded inside a respense message se CADENCE can determine which system sent a respense. The cade nce_tae kin g_p eptien uses this fdi. HE is the default. [See Additienal Precesses, Step c. maildcde yes: This enables the precess. ts default is ne. =dducde:DD:TY,dic:dadende This re-directs incc-ming ?les that haye a PDDG c-f DD and a seurce system digraph ef T'f frem $31503 Fl finputsfmailerd er te Fifinputsfcad en ce. (UHFDUD) In the #fdictienariesj sectien ef altscenfig, belew the line ?dictienary[] PLACEHD DD NUT HEMDVE ENTRIES type: dictionacy[?] type=dadende This setting indicates that all tasking sheulcl be pulled Ic-cally frc-m This will use the fi et_li nke file that was deliyered by CADENCE fer mapping the di cti Una cy: fie t_t able and can be feund in When the alas update_dictic-naries precess runs as a crenjeb, then it knews autematically to pull the updates frem these directeri es. Nate: dictienaries must end with . netlajye and fiat tables must end with . fiat. Type :wa and then press Enter to exit 3 CDN Fl DENTIALHSI
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CDN Fl DENTIALHSI Additienal Precesses After editing CADENCE cenfiguratiens in sitscen?g, it is time te run seme set-up processes. 1. (UHFDUD) At the cemmand premthr type eke tep cece ee and press Ente c. Iii'll'hen cecle nce=ye in Hirecenfig, this creates cecle nce_tee king_p cec. if meilecclec=ye e:r it will alse create the check_rneileccle c_eite . and meile ccle c_pcec precesses. At the cemmand prempt, type eke pcec etect and press Enter. This starts any precesses that were created in stEp 1, ceclence_teeking_1er:ec, meileccle c_pr:ec and check_rneilecc1e c_eite . php. If a MAILDHDEH input rule is changed in sitscen?g, then type eke pcec ce ete ct cme te restart the check_rnei le ccle c_eite . precess. Nete: [UffFCiUCii The sits updete_e?ictieneries crenjeb will run ence an heur. It reads the dictionaries sectien ef the file and cepies the dictienaries and fists frem Fifdictienariesfcadencefdicts and .insts te Fifcen?gfdictienariesfcadence. This is where the precess_data_parent?s lie, the HHS precesses that lead dictienaries and dethe selectien, scanning and ferwarding} actually lead their dictienaries frem. 4 CDN Fl DENTIALHSI