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(9 And confidenual Endace. ""92 EDM16-113 DAG 9.23X2 in an Endace 3000 PRD Dale: 29 November 2010 Velsion: 1.0 Anthems): -- Abstract: The document delaIls tne quuIrements fur tne rntruducunn and cemficalmn of SKUs based on the DAG 9.25x2 on me Endace 3000. Contents 1 1.1 2 OVERVIEW. 2.1 DAG 3 SHIP 4 5 REQUIREMENTS. Revi ion History 29111110 InmaI Draft 3/12/10 Udated In correct shIIn dates 1 Introduction 1.1 Objective THIS documenl the requIremerIl Im the Inlmdumlcn and cemficatlcn of me the DAG 9.25X2 In me Endace 3000 pnmanly fol use by the Customer FGA. 2 Glossary NEI: Network Engrnes Incovporated. The manufactuvev responsmle for manufacture and cemficauon of EdaceProbes and EndaceSensors. sow: Statement DI Work. ODE: Open DeveIupmenI Environment. Prevquly known as NInJaBox. EDM167113 DAG 9.st2 In an Endace 3000 PRD Page 1 M3
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© And confidential Endace. 3 3.1 Overview DAG 9.2SX2 The DAG 9.2SX2 is a new full height, half length 8 lane PCIe gen 2 dual port 10GigE/OC192 card. Card Network Type Monitoring Interfaces SFP+ modules supported Dimensions PCI Interface Power Requirements 4 DAG 9.2SX2 IEEE802.3ae Ethernet: 10GBase-SR 10GBase-LR SONET (SDH): OC-192c SR-1 (STM I-64.1) OC-192c IR-2 (STM S-64.2b) Two Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP+) interfaces TXR-10G 850 MM SFP+ TXR-10G 1310SM SFP+ TXR-10G 1550SM SFP+ (New SFP+ module) Full height, half length x8 lane PCI Express gen 2 30W Customer Driver The DAG 9.2SX2 card has been developed primarily at the behest of the lead customer FGA. They require this card to be supplied certified in a Endace 3000 ODE platform. 5 Scope The DAG 9.2SX2 cards will initially be available in a single ODE (NBX) SKU only. This SKU reflects the requirements of the lead customer FGA and will initially be availiable only to them. 6 6.1 Requirements Configurations The following configurations are required. Not all parts will necesarilly be offered for sale however certification should ensure that such would be possible without incurring additional certification costs. Part Number DAG Cards Platform RAM NBX3820AAC NBX3820AAD NBX3820ABC NBX3820ABD NBX3810AAC NBX3810AAD NBX3810ABC NBX3810ABD 2xDAG9.2 SX2 2xDAG9.2 SX2 2xDAG9.2 SX2 2xDAG9.2 SX2 1xDAG9.2 SX2 1xDAG9.2 SX2 1xDAG9.2 SX2 1xDAG9.2 SX2 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 3000 (Westmere) 24G B 24G B 48G B 48G B 24G B 24G B 48G B 48G B EDM16-113 DAG 9.2SX2 in an Endace 3000 PRD Storag e 4TB Required for sale Yes. FGA only 8TB No 4TB No 8TB No 4TB No 8TB No 4TB No 8TB No Page 2 of 3
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© And confidential Endace. 6.2 Transceivers This release introduces a new Endace transiever part the TXR-10G 1550SM SFP+. As a new Transiever this will require certification. This maps to the Finisar part FTLX1671D3BCL. 7 Ship Date These configurations need to be available to ship certified on Feb 15th 2011 in order to meeting FGA ‘s shipping requirements. 8 Forecast FGA have an intial order lodged for 20 NBX3820-AAC systems for delivery in March. An order for 30-40 additional systems is anticipated before the end of Endace Q4. A potential for 300-500 systems over the next two to three years is being discussed. 9 9.1 Implementation Engineering 9.1.1 Prequalification of Configurations Perform the internal qualification necessary to verify the viability of all configurations defined above. 9.1.2 Certification Request Document Based on the requiredments laid down in this document Engineering should produce a Certification Request document for submission to NEI. This should define the certifaction requirements, test configurations, required traffic sources etc. required in sufficient detail for NEI to be able to produce a Statement of Work (SOW). 9.1.3 Specifications Power consumption and thermal information required for use in data sheets. 9.2 NEI NEI will provide a SOW based on the requirements laid down the Engineering Certification PRD. Once the SOW has been approved by Endace NEI will perform all engineering work defined in the SOW and submit the required configurations for: 1) EMI testing 2) CSA Certification As a result of this work the new configuration must be entitled to ship, at minimum, to the same countries as the existing Endace 3000 platforms. 9.3 PLM Define descriptions and pricing for the configuration listed as ‘Avaliable for sale’. 9.4 Operations Create BOMs for the configurations defines as ‘Avaliable for sale’. Add these configurations to CRM as ‘Customer Specific’ parts for FGA. Add these parts to AX. EDM16-113 DAG 9.2SX2 in an Endace 3000 PRD Page 3 of 3