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Mar. 20 2018 — 11:05 a.m.

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(TS//SI//NF) MONKEYROCKET Achieves Initial Operational Capability By REDACTED on 2012-07-24 1442 (TS//SI//NF) Special Source Operations-OAKSTAR program MONKEYROCKET, a nonWestern Internet anonymization service in support of counter-terrorism, achieved initial operational capability on 19 July 2012. The system is now forwarding METADATA to backend repositories (MARINA, cloud site storage) and is expected to begin forwarding content to a NOFORN partition in PINWALE later this week following final coordination and loading of Unified Tasking Tool tasking. This effort began in January and began focused advertising in areas of interest to counter-terrorism in the April timeframe. Currently, there are approximately 16,000 registered users, and the site is generating about 2,000 events per day. These numbers are expected to grow significantly as new users begin using the service. Iran and China are two of the countries with a significant user base. (U//FOUO) POC: REDACTED, Engineering and Technical Services (ETS) OAKSTAR Lead Engineer, S35324, REDACTED(s)