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Sep. 13 2017 — 2:36 p.m.

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TOP SECRET STRAP 1 DRAFT The ECHQ Significant Develcpments Libya - The dedicated Libya team will end its a 16 hdurs 3 watch system wdrking at the end df this week. enabling all resdurces td be cancentrated dn days. with a raster prdyiding a presence at weekends and call?in put pf dffice hdurs The team will reduce 54 peqpletd arqund 35- This matches a in the tempd df Whitehall and military requirements, and will enable a mare edneentrated against pdlitical thematic dr tdpical requirements df high HMG interest- Plans are already in place td mdye the td a steady state pf 20 pedple yiatransitidnal reductidns- - GSDC are severing the DISH peridds. and have call?in arrangements td use as required- Digby remains en 1-: 24 wdrking. fecused an the analysis and reparting cf the military This may mdye up a target eehelqn tq facus mqreqn edmmand and central and intent. - The EM team is wdrking Manday td Friday with attendance at weekends and qutside pf dffice hdurs as required. The intelligence ed?drdinatidn presence has alsd changed its pdsture in line with a revised Natidnal Security Squneil briefing cycle df fdur meetings a week. - GEHD edntinues td ed?drdinate its thrdugh the EM prdcess. There are currently 3 meetings in the cdurse df a ndrmal wdrking week. but this will be reviewed. as will the F'Efi?d df Special Interest IT and system health that ends an 13 May-
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Look ahead Libya - Further ohange in resouroes takes plaoe as the Libya Team in GEHD moyes to an offioe?hours posture, in line with oustomer requirements and operational tempo. linguists and others will attend as required at weekends- GSDC will lead DISH, with the support of an additional intelligenoe offioer 5 nights a week to assist in reporting and issue of summarieslbriefs- areas, suoh as ??e?ogell in ICentral SD, will oontinue to provide support as required. - The Libya Team will be p-35 strong from 13 May. Plans for further inoremental reouotionsto a oore effort of 2D haye been formed, and will be implemented in line with oustomerreguirements and mission tempo. - Digby remains on 24 SSMD tasking. This will be kept under oonstant reyiew as part of UHUSJE. resouroing oonsitlerations.
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The Resp-ense- Libya - The dedicated Libya team is cperating Friday, with a small number at etaff attending at weekends, and cthere cn?call at all times. The team numbers 35 ceccle, with a fccue cn cclitical and military thematic cr tccical reguiremente cf high HMS intereet. Plane are in place tc mcye tc a steady state cf 20 pecple yia tranaiticnal reducticna as and when - SSISHS are ccyering the SSH cericda, and haye call?in arrangementa tc use as required. Digby remaine en 24 wcrking, fccueed en the analysis and reccrting cf the military Digby?a primarytarget ie Libyan regime ccmmand and cf mcbile eatellite phcnee- - The EM team cf three ceccle ie wcrking Mcnday tc Friday with attendance at weekends and cuteide cf c?ice hcure as required. The intelligence cc?crdinaticn team cf ceccle matches the Naticnal Security |Scuncil briefing cycle cf fcur meetings a week. - SISHIS ccntinuee tc cc?crdinate ite reepcnee thrcugh the EM There are currently 3 meetings in the ccurae cf a ncrmal wcrking week.
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Partnerships Libya - ISlose co?operation continues across the wider UH: Sigint enterprise and between the US and ISanadian Sigint communities. Digby and haye establishing a new DISIE against Libyan regime military Thuraya handsets and FM targets. . The Libya Team is partnering closely with and others in Senghazi to deyelop TD and SD opportunities- |Slperational collaboration with SIS has strengthened further, both in generating leads that can be exploited for either Humint or Sigint purposes and proyiding intelligence that can be used to achieye effects such as enforcement of sanctions on the Libyan regime. and isolation-?remoyal of Dadhafi. A particular emphasis is being placed on oil supplies to the regime. - NSA. ISSEIS and TDISD teams haye followed up on tri?agency Eyent Management intent to enhance the leyel of co?operation on Libya and other Middle Easternfl?lorth African targets of interest. MyNoc workshops attended by from each of the agencies will take place in June to improye Sigint capabilities- Libyan |Sipposition is likelyto feature. - J5. Third Party partnership with LLISTRE continues to proyide complementary intelligence and leads of operational yalue.
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Leek ahead Libya . The Libya Team will fill all pf its staffing gaps as it continues td settle intd its pffiee?hdurs pasture, in line with eustdmer requirements and dperatidnal tempd_ The partnership and hinge with will be ratified as the additidnal intelligenee dffieer in ISSUE stands dawn- - The Libya Team will reach put its primary partners its drganisatidn intd analytical and repdrting teams fdeusing an the majdrtarget themes and tdpies - The pdsture will be agreed end df May hdliday weekend. It is liltelytd be essential staffing dnly dn Saturday thrdugh Tuesday- - Digpy mdyestd 1-: 15 SSMD tasking in line with its new fdeus dn military edmmand and central targets-
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TOP SECRET STRAP 1 The Response Libya - The Libya team oontinues to operate Monday to Friday offioe hours, with a small number of staff attending at weekends in with priorities and foous, and others on-oall yia GSDC at all times. Their foous is firmly on Supporting oampaign outoomes by proyiding intelligenoe on regime and |Iilpposition intent and military posture and other key requirements, as well as support to targeting and deliyering Effeots as required. The team totals 35 people, with plans to move to a steady state of EU yia transitional reduotions, although there is no immediate prospeot of oustomer interest slaokening- - GSDE are ooyering the SSH periods, and hate oall-in arrangements to use as required. Digby is working a 16 shifts, fooused on the analysis and reporting of Libyan regime oommand and oontrol use of mobile satellite phones. . The Hill team of three people is working Monday to Friday with attendanoe at weekends and outside of offioe hours as required. The lntelligenoe oo?ordination team presenoe matohes the weekly National Seourity ISounoil briefing oyole. - GEHD oontinues to oo?ordinate its response through the EM prooess, with Eyent meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays-
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Partnerships Libya - |Elose co?ooeration continues across the 1.yitler UH: Sigint enterprise and between the UK, US and Canadian Sigint communities- GEHD, Digby ano are non.r operating a DDE against Libyan regime military Thuraya handsets and targets. GEHG are leading on analysis of Libyan Police and Security forces communications as required.
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ah ead Libya - The Libya Team will ccntinue tc increase its against lleggcsiticn and regime changeltransiticn intelligence requirements withcut its ability tc crcyide an insight intc the military and regime intent- The analytical and reccrting fccus cn specific tccics and themes ccntinues in ccnjuncticn with Seccnd Party agreements- - Weekend ccstures are reyiewed each Thursday and Friday in line with custcmer cricrities and fccus- This week the fccus is cn the military and tc better understand the situaticn in Triccli Digby ccntinuestc deyelcg the 1-: 16 SSMD missicn against military ccmmand and targets.