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Jun. 25 2018 — 7:56 a.m.

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(U//FOUO) FAIRVIEW Home (U) General Information Year Established (U) 1985 Description (TS//SI//REL FVEY) Exploitation of international communications including DNR and DNI from cables, switches, and routers - by leveraging a key corporate partner. Intelligence Value (TS//SI//REL FVEY) FAIRVIEW is typically in the top five at NSA as a collection source for serialized production and one of the largest providers of metadata. Approximately 75% of reporting is single source, reflecting the unique access the program enjoys to a wide variety of target communications. Major Targets (C//REL TO USA,FVEY) Counter-Terrorism, Crime and Counternarcotics, Counter-proliferation, International Finance, International Security Issues and many more. Major Benefactors & Users of Information (TS//SI//REL FVEY) FAIRVIEW supports all product lines and is one of the Top Ten sources of collection for 8 of the major product lines. FAIRVIEW is the #1 source for Crime and Counternarcotics and the #3 source for Counter proliferation.