FY2013 Congressional Budget Justification Bin Laden Excerpts

May. 18 2015 — 12:05 p.m.

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FY me; i: lilitigt'i Yul li'ldenti?ika?on and Raid ul' Iii-sum: leill Compound opotaliurn lhat recalled in Line deal]! of URL is a model ofintegmtod IC suppon. From the identi?cation of the couricraml compound Waugh opent'lnnul planningami post?mission exploitation. the and its military partners performed entreme well as a learn. NSA tracked the use numbers by personsofinl?cet. and me use ofTailnrod Access implants allowed [or sustained collection access agnin?l Ihese urge?. CIA were able to goolnnle one oflhe infrequently used. numbers and tie it to the UM. compound. me compound was identified.a signi?cant amountoi'imagery was eollocled,and NGA Isuiil 3-D models of the complex thal allowed military pmners Io construel a full ELLE mode] to perfeet lhcir weru?onal planning. NRO L'?lN'l'systenn Federated over 33? collects oi UBL's compound in die rnoulh priorto Ihe raid. providing high-mcoiution and infrared image: lhat were critical to prepare forth: mission and contributed Io lhe decision to approve Months prior to me operation U5. ground sites. participated in an oyelhead SIC-INT mapping effort to evaluate ingress and egress route: for potential threats. TOP 1? TOP (TSHSIFTKJINF) During the can] operation NRO SIC-INT systems dodicutcd orcl SCI receiver: from seven sameliioec to provide situational awareness. Following The smst'ul operation. Forensic Intelligence Laboratory at Begum Air?eld analyzed DNA sample: and provided it cocm?lusive match within eighl hours of lime ruin. The and pinion: provided the Nauonai Media Exploitauion Center (MC) linguist and anaJyu'c including DHS and like John IED Defeat (kganintion. In eupioit materials captured a] Ihe compound and the NMEC eominuen to examine and e: plait lhe electronic medals. (U1 Additinnai FY 20? accomplishments include: I 17mm of Ille analysis was completed by CIA on a wiledioo of use]: in Pakistan lo ideniil'y any potential linkages. as well as digital This anaiyiis pained 1with outer technical 11cm. increased con?dence In each unsel's anli'lenLiuily. reliability. and freedom from Mable Control and directly contributed Information leading to lite successful trussion on LFBL's compound. TOP 51