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Oct. 23 2016 — 4:08 a.m.

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CONCESSION/DEVIATION APPLICATION Raised By: Date Raised: 2-Feb-11 Concession/Deviation No.: Supplier/Endace Part No.: Part Description: Revision Level: NBX3820-GFG NinjaBox 3000 series system with 2 x DAG 9.2SX2, no SSD, 2 x 1TB HDD 110205DV Vendor: NEI Description of Current Approved Specification/Condition: The BOM for this item calls for the manufacturer, NEI, to install 2x DAG 9.2SX2 DAG cards. These are included as part of the 'END3820' subassembly, along with some additional power cable required to provide supplementary power to the DAG cards. We presently have an important order for these systems for our customer, GCHQ, in the UK. We need to deliver these as soon as possible, though the first full production run of this new DAG card has not been completed. Thus in order to save time on this order, we plan to have NEI install the internal power cable, but not install the DAG cards. These will be installed at a systems integrator in the UK Description of Deviated Specification/Condition: Part Number Designator NBX3820-GFG Description Action NinjaBox 3000 series system with 2 x DAG 9.2SX2, no SSD, 2 x 1TB HDD n/a Cause of Deviation NEI should configure these systems as usual, install and properly route the internal power cables, then test the system using standard system tests as though this was a system with no DAG cards. They should however continue to label the systems on the unit label and carton as an 'NBX3820-GFG', before completing the packing and shipping the units. Preventive Action In order to save time on this order, we will send DAG cards direct to the UK, in parallel with build/shipping of systems n/a Quantity or Duration Applicable: Job/Work No.: 22 units PO#4717 Repeat Concern: (Specify details: Date & Quantity) ENDACE APPROVAL / DISAPPROVAL Approved By: Decision Originator Y/N Supply Chain Y/N Engineering Y/N Sales/Marketing Y/N Signature Comments CUSTOMER APPROVAL / DISAPPROVAL Approval Conditions: Approved By: Customer Design Representative: Customer Quality Representative: Doc Ref: BPI05-003-B Issue Date: 12/6/06 Decision Signature Implementation Date Responsible Comments n/a