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Oct. 23 2016 — 4:04 a.m.

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(C) and contidential Endace Endace Engineering Change Request Ref. No.: 110914Ec SECTION 1' CHANGE DETAILS Originator: -- Immediate Wigwam!) Department: PLM Fae 2 Dale Raised: 07/09/2011 Change lo: CRMIAX Description oi Change: New product in CRM: Description: EndaceExlremelUD -- ercn, Ethernet With packet distrioution to 12x 106E enhanced network monitoring interraces on EndaceProoe or ODE. Enhanced EndacePropes and ODE systems are available separately. CFP ta are ordered separately. Product Type: Appliances Product Famlly Misc. Llne Rate 10055 Price ussaoopoo Product Status: Roadrnap Restrictions Customer Specihc Customer: UK GDVI Pricing Method Standard Regional Uplitt Standard Cost: Max Discount 30% Reason tor Change: Add EE100 product to CRMIAX so FGA can order the prototypes and we can Irack them as required. Summary oi lmpactts) otChangc he available for quullng and ordering oy peta customers. SECTION 3; APPROVALS Engineering Supply Chain Financial ll Cost ot Change uSszoomo FlnanclaJ Appmval Name: Name: Name: Estimated Cost or change - Dam uss 1er a Dale] ts-gn a Date) two a Date; IMPLEMENTATION: Customer Service Quality Assurance Legal From Date: Name: Name: Name: Date: Date: Date: (Sign a Dale; rsrgi. a Date} ts-gna Date) Other Product Name: Name: Date: Date: isrgi. a Date) a Date) Originator Sign-Off: . Page 1 on