Japan Provided With XKEYSCORE

Apr. 24 2017 — 4:55 a.m.

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TO USA, FVEY SECURITY CLASSIFICATION NSA TAFF PROCESSING FORM To 1? EXREG CONTROL NUMBER KCC CONTROL NUMBER ADET I CATS 2013-3528 THRU ACTION EXREG SUSPENSE IV APPROVAL SUBJECT KCC SUSPENSE equest for ADET SIGDEV Materials to be Used for Traini 1g the Japanese Directorate for Personnel DISTRIBUTION ADET, SSG, SIGNATURE ELEMENT SUSPENSE SUMMARY PURPOSE: To request approval to provide CSRK6000 (Third Party version) - Introduction to Development (SIGDEV) - to the Japanese Directorate for (DFS) from 22-26 April 2013. BACKGROUND: The Japanese Directorate for is in the early stages of developing a capability to conduct support to Cyber Network Defense (CND). This support involves using SIGDEV and systems previously provided to DFS by NSA, such as XKEYSCORE, and CADENCE. DFS personnel assigned to support this cyber effort have not been trained on these systems they will use to conduct this new mission; assistance from NSA subject matter experts is needed. Supporting the development Of CND within Japan aligns with NSA and the US. government long-term strategic goals of bolstering the CND capabilities of partner nations with whom we share sensitive and classified information. This three-day course will provide students with an overview of what to expect when working as an analyst within the SIGDEV environment. It looks at the entire SIGDEV process beginning with a definition of SIGDEV, who is responsible for SIGDEV, and the vital steps in the SIGNALS Intelligence process. The course then addresses the process starting with the initial SIGDEV requirement and follows it through the research, collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination phases. N. .. DISCUSSION: Hawaii Technical Director for SIG DEV Strategy 81 Governance, has agreed to travel to Japan to provide (Third Party Version) to the Japanese from 22- 26 April 2013. IS training has been coordinated and approved by the Japan Country Team. Course materIals use with ave approved by NSA CAO. ?9 IXIChange Name and Date column(s) type IW SECURE USECURE OFFICE I NAME AND DATE PHONE OFFICE I PHONE I El In \7 SSG email/m April 2013 I IFAD 8 April 2013 63/ CAO ORIGINATOR ORG- PHONE (Secure) DATE FORM A67960 REV JUN 2012 (Supersedes A6796D APR 2012) SECURITY CLASSIFICATION 7540-FM-001-5465 Derived From: 1-52 TO USA, FVEY Dated: 20070108 Declassify On: 20380401