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Aug. 19 2017 — 5:57 p.m.

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SECRETIICOMINTITALENT TO USA, AUS, and Organizational MGS Associations ADF FSD PMGS MSF HMGS 15$; AMGS NRO CIA NSA NGA This table is 5.1 The following are current The fact that the NRC uses cover stories is SECRET. The specifics of any cover story are classified. However, the level of classification varies. Most NRO Mission Ground Stations cover stories are classified KEYHOLE. Ground Stations are by their nature complex facilities, often with equally complex classification issues. Specific classification questions about each MGS should be directed to the on-site security office. 5.1.1 Australian Mission Ground Station (AMGS) (U) Facility Name: Joint Defense Facility/Pine Gap Cover Story: The fact that the unclassi?ed mission statement for is a cover story is the cover story itself is unclassified. (U) The Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap is a joint US/Australian defense facility whose function is to support the national security of both the US and Australia. The contributes to verifying arms control and disarmament agreements and monitoring of military developments. The is jointly staffed by US and Australian civilians and members of the various military branches. Unique association occurrences: 1. The term Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (JDF CLASSIFIED. Note: No association with the NRC. 2. The term Australian Mission Ground Station 3. Fact that the NRC has a MGS at 4. Fact that the JDF PG is the SBIRS Paci?c Relay Ground Station loca- Note: No association with the NRO. 5. Association of NSA personnel with Note: No associa- tion with the NRO. 6. Association of CIA personnel with SECRETIICOMINTITALENT TO USA, AUS, and