Security Operations Overview 2016-10-19

May. 27 2017 — 7:35 a.m.

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CORPORATE SENSITIVE DO NOT Electronic Copy Unit: DAPL Security Loc: Mandan. ND FRAGO References: MAP: DAPL Pipeline Map (Special) OPORD: DAPL Security Time Zone Used Throughout the Order: UTC ?5 (Central Time (CTD TASK ORGANIZATION: TigerSwan OP Fusion Lead (7) Phone (701) 289?9200 Russell Group ofTexas Security (Tl PAX) SRC Security (2.5 PAX) Leighton Security (26 PAX) 10c ode LLC Security (14 PAX) TERRA IN AND OBSTACLES: Improyed and unimproyed roads 1) Situation: See attached PowerPoint for Updates See attached daily summary and Story Board (PowerPoint) 2) Mission: The DAPL Security Team conducts static and mobile security operations in support of the pipeline construction throughout North Dakota. DAPL Security Team has 4 primary focuses; protect the contractors of DAPL, protect the machinery of DAPL, protect the material of DAPL, protect the reputation of DAPL and your ind iyidual sub?contractor companies. 3) Execution: Director?s Intent: Security personnel will provide around the clock protection for DAPL, obs erye yiolations of the ROE- integrity, deter and warn those who threaten the integrity of DAPL premises or property while obserying and preserying the rights of thos legitimate protestors. a) Concept of the Operation: i) Contractor work will continue at AR 113 and continue on Work Front 2 and Work Front 3 per the Contractor Work Plan. ii) RGT Security will insert UTE-iiSecurity Teams and OP Teams commencing at to support VIP mission vicinity of AR 127. Rehearsal will occur Coordination with LE to continue throughout mission. Fixed site security at contractor yards, terminals and mat yards iy) Temporary site security at Access Roads and Work sites y) Mobile security as IQuick Reaction Force to reinforce static and Temporary Sites UNCLASSIFIED lot? 18
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CORPORATE SENSITIVE DO NOT vi) Airborne response for videofstill capture of violators and Medical QRF (1) Air Unit will be on standbv during reconnaissance mission IOT conduct rapid air ev acu atio of DAPL erso nel if require. (2) Air Unit will also be on standby with Medic and Securitv Officer IOT conduct rapid on scene medical support as well as evacuation by air. vii) Observation Post emplacement East side of the river (vehicle) Observation Post adjusted using Leighton Securitv East of 18013 to provide earlv warning of protest vehicle movements. We will accomplish this mission by providing the highest quality security services while demonstrating the upmost professionalism. We will provide constant obs ervation, communication, and protection of all in our charge. Primarv effort Transportation of Equipment from AR Tl at 12 to AR 120. Securitv of ROW work sites 17?120 and AR 1 [4 (HDD Road Bore Site) Other Efforts Continue to provide static securitv for high risk sites including; Office buildings Terminals Mat Yards Contractor Equipment Yard Observation and reporting of trespass violations during the Tertiary effort continue to collect information of an evidentiarv level in order to further the DAPL Securitv effort and assist Law Enforcement with information to aid in prosecution. (1) Maneuver All elements are engaged to provide security support to DAPL. Execution of the scheme of maneuver will be fluid and change based on DAPL requirements throughout the day. Static sites and works sites will be covered based on criticalitv and threat, other sites and location will be supported by use of Mobile QRF which will preposition and reposition as required to support pipeline operations. Main effort for 9.27.16 will be the areas occupied by work crews. Secondarv effort will be static vard locations Parallel effort will be displacement of SEL PERS from one QRF element from Mandan Ops Center to Williston to augment Spread 9 Information collection will be an additional tasking to all subordinate units. VideofStill Photographv Support: Air Support (V id eofStill) is available on call to support ass ets) Prioritv of Support goes to units engaged by protestors Restrictions on Air Support are weather based only. (3) Reconnaissance and Surveillance will be conducted overtlv by all securitv pers on nel of anv-?all pote ntial or actual protestors. urpose is to collect evid entiarv photographic and video evidence. If in an engagement, when law enforcement arrives videographer or photographer will immediater identifv themselves to the Law Enforcement Incident Commander and provide IMMEDIATE plavback to further the LEO investigation. (4) Intelligence: Purpose: Collect information that is relative and timelv to the tactical situation on the ground and supports the pipeline effort and support Law Enforcement UNCLASSIFIED Eof 18
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CORPORATE SENSITIVE DO NOT efforts for prosecution of violations of ROW and Equipment sanctity as well as any assaults on pipeline personnel. Information collected of a strategic value will be assessed and forwarded to corporate headquarters for analysis and processing. (5) Engineering Not Applicable at this time b) Tasks to Maneuver Units: SEE ATTACHED SCATTER SHEETS 4) Coordinating Instructions: a) Maintain current security posture b) Maintain current communications tempo c) Coordinate any withdrawals from svorksites with foreman on site. d) Report units engaged ASAP to TOC e) QRF Units to have C-Wire and No Trespassing signs to facilitate rapid deployment of temporary fencing around works sites that are threatened by rioters. 5) Service Support per individual company SOP a) Command and Signal: a) Command: i) Location opoeration Center is Mandan Airfield (Greg Allen) ii) Location of higher headquarters is ETC HQ in Houston, TX b) Signal: i) Primary WhatsApp Messaging ii) Alternate - Cell to Center T01 -289?9200 Gu ardianA ngel Applicatio eacon iv) COLOR OF THE DAY RED v) COLOR OF THE NIGHT- GREEN UNCLASSIFIED Sof 18