Shared Daily Intelligence Update 2016-10-18

Jun. 3 2017 — 11:25 a.m.

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Daily Intelligence Update 18 October 2016
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Executive Summary A. North Dakota: OPrevious 24: oHeld a law enforcement coordination meeting to ?nalize Thursday 20 Oct plan and discuss EMAC activation for HHD site. 0Completed a survey of the northern well head by the river up to 1700 feet north, marking the U.S. Army Corp of Engineer Right of Way. OEmplacing a new gate at the barn on the Meyer property at CR 134. Also prepping the building for future Law Enforcement use. oLaw Enforcement continues to have static checkpoints in place.
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Executive Summary 0Next 24: 0Continue to support worksites along ROW and static DAPL sites off the ROW. 0Continue planning with law enforcement for survey crews to survey from the crest of the hill to east of Hwy 1806.
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Public Relations Positive -- Sheriff's Association continues to publish positive news stories. Negative -- - An oil spill was reported in Mountrail County, ND today. protesters are already using to this as propaganda for their cause. - Protesters are posting anti-law enforcement content on social media in order to garner sympathy with the local populace. 5am stone cam on and hilnesvillrepouefl Calm" lecen' mils :neie has rear issue; 593ml" lie Hanan cw, jail new Vwi spcle inn Stalin w; aural tnau Drefiizrarr l' iamulwhe'hei liens: bean lasanefldl Jumping Eagle i5 on. spin. Sign) THDE \m also savs slim alchen all? she was was mural lzlen'n powwow all and maigea Wil'l . :uci
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Project Administration A. Logistics? .2 Computers have been shipped . 4 6 Man requested . 2 LRADs have arrived Body Armor ships tonight . Still awaiting FLIR
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Other (Recommendations/Comments)
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Weather and Light Data Tonight Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Night Night 7' "l 7 ?l Panly Cloudy Mostly Sunny Mostly Cloudy Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy Low: 35 High: 50 31: High: 54 37 l: Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 35. NW wind 3 - 7 mph. Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 50. NW wind 5 to 10 mph. Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 34. NW wind 3 - 7 Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 54. West wind 3 to 6 mph. Thursday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 37.
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Sign Ifica nt Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday happened this afternoon. - Tribal of?cials are attempting to get 80 acres of land on the reservation for a winter camp. - This may take several weeks for the tribe to get this land due to issues with local land owners. - During this time the Tribe plans to continue to support the camps. - Tribal Of?cials were heard discussing what to do about the survey planned on Thursday 20 October. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is paying $30,000 to $40,000 to maintain the camps right now. Specifically paying for trash removal and the Porta-Johns. Pipe bomb reported previously was made of metal pipe with 1/2 inch pipe caps. Source of ignition was a cannon fuse. Explosives appear to have consisted of low grade black power (?reworks). Does not appear to be related to DAPL at this time.
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Signi?cant Activities Standing Rock Rising (F8 Page) is being used to attack or debunk any anti-protestor news articles or social media posts. Also appears to be the primary propaganda source utilized to unify the protestors Anti- DAPL message. I Standing Rock Rising -: i :l - Sacred Stone Camp - video. Yesterday at Standing Rock, a suspicious truck was spotted driving around camp. The driver stated that a DAPL worker had contacted him on facebook and asked him for a price for a child. I was told he was warning protectors. This information was reported directly to me by a native protector. Video released 2 days ago from our sister action Mississippi Stand shows a DAPL worker making a similar comment to protectors in lowa. This is not a message to scare anyone. as we have full con?dence that our children our safe. Instead, this shows that DAPL is using intimidation tactics to try to scare protectors. and are using aggressive methods to attempt to discourage camps from standing for mother earth. The man was reported to be driving a blue extended cab pickup truck with a camper shell. If anyone has any further information, please reach out. -Redhawk I Standing Rock Rising LaDonna Brave Bull has con?rmed that the rancher missing 30 cattle has found them alive in a ravine, and it has been reported to Morton County Sheriff?s Department North Dakota Stockmen's Association Convention. We are still waiting for both agencies to confirm these reports and retract prior accusatory statements suggesting Standing Rock community water protectors were originally suspected in the investigation. Since posting this update 30 seconds ago Morton County Sheriff?s Department has removed themselves from being tagged in this message. Once again. we would like to thank the honest rancher for coming forward. I Standing Rock Rising ATTN: STANDING ROCK PROTECTORS LOOKING TO ASSIST LOCAL FARMERS HARVEST Local farmers and ranchers are having a hard time harvesting their crops. Farmers may be affected by DAPL construction, police activity and water protectors opposing the pipelines' completion. The water protectors do not wish to hinder the work of the community. To help local farmers get their crops harvested. our community is willing to provide help to local farmers. Workers will be able to provide one day of volunteer work with the farmers. After that, an appointed head of the project, and the farmer can negotiate payment for further help. Any farmer looking for help for the harvest can remain anonymous if preferred. If you are a local farmer within a 30 mile radius of the Standing Rock. you can email for more information, and to Ilne up help. PLEASE POST AND RESHARE
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Assessment What we know: Protestors began expanding convoys and protest activities to Bismarck Due to a lack of LE presence at the Memorial Bridge and Main Street, Bismarck, LE was unable to make arrests for illegal protest activities. Movement is well organized and control measures are in place There are divisions within the camps Natives vs Whites and inter-tribal con?icts) There are outsiders deliberately moving the rioters toward violent action The rioters do possess weapons Red Warrior Camp is the plans and operations for the rioters and is run by Cody Hall That the use of spotters and runners is widely used during riot operations Uniformed rioter security are giving orders to rioters during direct action Manipulate peaceful protesters through misinformation What we do not know: Number and type of weapons in camp Who is providing military training When and where the next event will occur and how many rioters will attend Have not con?rmed Command and Control at events (suspect Cody Hall) What we think: The Standing Rock Sioux will continue to riot and attempt to force DAPL security and law enforcement to respond with violence Importance: The use of force or death of a protester or rioter will result in the immediate halt to DAPL operations, which will likely permanently halt the entire project
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Priority Intelligence Requirements Any compositional info on aggressive protest groups. It is important to weed out non?aggressive groups as they will drain our resources in the wrong direction with no effect to our client. Planned moves or activities of these groups as they intersect with our client speci?cally. Other non-direct actions that intersect with our client?s operations to produce indirect effects (for example: Social Media postings from remote sites) should be included in collection. Local sympathizers providing support, logistics, and potentially shelter for those committing criminal acts. Any movement of the client leadership to TS sites.
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