Strawhorse: Attacking the MacOS and iOS Software Development Kit

Mar. 10 2015 — 3:51 a.m.

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[edit] Strawherse: Attacking the and i?S Seftware Develepment Kit Presenter: Sandia Natienal Laberateries Ken Thempsen?s attack {described in his 1984 Turing award acceptance speech] metiyates the StrawMan werk: what can be dene ef bene?t te the US Intelligence Cemmunity if ene can make an arbitrary medi?catien te a system cempiler er Seftware Iieyelepment Kit A [whacked] SIZIK can preyide a subtle injectien yecter ente standalcne deyeleper netwerks, er it can medify any binary cempiled by that SDK. In the past; we haye watermarked binaries fer attributien, used binaries as an en?ltratien mechanism, and inserted Trejans inte cempiled binaries. In this talk, we discuss eur expleratiens ef the Kcede SDK. Kcede is used te cempile applicaticns and kernel extensiens as we]i as applications. We describe hew we use {eur whacked] Xcede te de the fellewing things: ?Entice all applicaticns te create a remete backdeer en enecutien -Medify a dynamic dependency ef securityd te lead eur ewn library - which rewrites securityd se that ne prempt appears when experting a deyeleper?s priyate key -Embed the deyeleper?s priyate key in all applicaticns ?Ferce a]i applicaticns te send embedded data te a listening pest ?Cenyince a]i {new} kernel extensiens te disable ASLR We alse describe hew we medi?ed beth the updater te insta]i an extra kernel extensien {a keylegger] and the Kcede installer te include eur SDK whacks.