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SECRETHRELTO USA, Fyer (U) UTT Configuration READ ME Overview The Unified Targeting Tool makes it possible to transition from today's selector? centric mode of operation, where ea ch type of selector is entered into a different targeting tool, to a target?centric system. In this system, selection management is conyerged and then streamlined and automated, thereby facilitating analyst operation and collaboration. UTT, a mission critical component of the TU RBU LENCE architecture, proyides a single point?of?seryice. enter all of their targeting requests for intercept from global network communications as well as private networks that are resident on or accessible using the global network infrastructure, regardless of the types of selectors or access capabilities to be employed. urr Dataflow The UTT pushes selector targeting information to the Site Selection Distribution Manager The SSDM manages selector tasking at the field site. The SSDM recei yes the loadfupdates that were pushed from the It is responsible for any site?speci?c processing that must be performed before forwarding the appropriate subset of information to site?local collection systems. Once messages are processed, the SSDM sends selector targeting information via MAILURDER to frontend collection systems at a field site The SSDM receiyes status back from these systems indicating whether or not the selector tasking was accepted or rejected and then returns status to the in the form of load and update responses. The SSDM may also request, either automatically or manually by a local user, that the send a complete reload of all selectors targeted for the site. Similarly, the field site?s frontend collection systems may also request, either automatically or manually by a local user, that the SSDM send a complete reload of all selectors targeted for the site. 1 SECRETHRELTO USA, Fyer
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SECREWR EL To USA, FUEY urr Dataflow (Cl UlTTasking Response Messages hack to SSDM - Selected Data FISE Falsify" SCISSU H3 funk?J; I TRAFFIC THIEF . .-I .- ..-- I. .I J. (Ci This Readme file is intended as an aid for setting upthe appropriate configurations to load, ingest, and scan data against tasking. It does NOT address forwarding selected trafficto PINWALE. Configuring KKEYSCURE for UTT can be accomplish ed in three phases. First, you will address three pre? configuration requirements. Next you will configure xkscon?'g and xks. advanced. con?g to enable UTT tasking and appropriate MAILURDER routing. Last, you will execute a group of set?up processes to ensure all configuration changes are fully implemented. Pre-Configuratlon Requirements The Unified Targeting Tool (UTT) works hand?in?hand with the Site Selection Distribution Manager Therefore you must have: an SSDM in place at the field site. the routing trigraph so can send response messages back to the SSDM. a routing trigraph for the KKEYSCURE Master. 2 SECREWR EL To USA, FUEY
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SECRETHRELTO use, Fyer Configu ring Selection In xks.config (UHFOUO) Configuration for UTT selection and tasking can be accomplished in just seyen steps: 1. 2. Logon as the user oper. (UHFOUO) At the command line from within any directory, type vi config and then press Enter. The xks.canfig file will open. (UHFOUO) In the [dictionaries] section of xks.canfia, set the following configurations: a . utt yes This enables UTT tasking. The default setting for this configuration is no . 1o. eedm_trigrapn [field eite trigrapn] Thisisthe SSDM?strigraph for thefield site.The defaultis which will need to be changed. (UHFOUO) In the JLavraaesses} section of xks.canfia confirm that the MAILORDER configuration reads mailorder yea . The default is no . This o'eates the mailorder_proo process. (UHFOUO) In the Maiiara'er inputs section of xics.canfia, type mai lorder_input source :00 dir eedm. This is the input configuration for oneok_mai lorde r_e ite .13 hp . This particular configuration indicates that all incoming files in that have a Producer Designator Digraph of DO and a source system digraph of AB will be moved to (UHFOUO) In the Piagin Con?g section of xks.canfig is the following placemark: Below this placemark, type your own forwarding domains routing trigraphs} like those identi?ed in the Forwarding Domains chart. Forwarding Domains are in the form: forwarding_domain key:value,key2 3 SECRETHRELTO use, Fyer
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SECRETHRELTO USA, (UHFOUO) The is an identifier (forwarding_dornain parameter} between 1 and 12. One type of key is the fdi key. It indicates where to send collected data ofthe domain. The value associated with this key is the routing trigra ph of the domain. The Forwarding Domains table shown below identi?es the forwarding locations associated with each identifier [forwa rding_domain parameter}. Forwarding Domains Routing Trigraph Forward Location forwarding_domain fdi forwarding_domain fdi PORN Only} forwarding_domain fdi forwarding_domain fdi NOFO RN forwarding_domain fdi forwarding_domain fdi NOFORN forwarding_domain fdi forwarding_domain fdi NOFDRN forwarding_domain fdi forwarding_domain[10] fdi:KFC forwarding_domain [l l] fdi KFC 11?3rd Party fdi KFC 12?Local Support forw arding_domai [l 2] i5} Type :wa and then press Enter to exit irkscan?a. 4 SECRETHRELTO USA,
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SECRETHRELTO USA, i=va Additional Processes (UHFOUO) In addition to editing configurations in xksconfig and xksodvoncedcon?g, it is important to execute several set?up processes. As the oper user, execute the following commands only after entering the SSDM configurations in xksconfig: 1. (UHFOUO) At the command prompt, type xka setup pro CE 3 ea 3 and press Enter. This creates the Che ck_rnailorder_aite . and mai lorde r_pro processes on the Master server. (UHFOUO) At the command prompt, type xka proc start and press Enter . This will ensure all of the running processes pick up any configuration changes. As a result of executing these commands, the following processes will begin: The Che ck_rnailorder_aite .php process, which polls input seem and moves the SSDM to the input a adm directory, according to the [mai lorder_input] rule in the xkscon?g file. Note: If a MAILORDER input rule is changed in xkscon?'g, then type xka proc re start cma to restart the check_rnailorder_aite .php process. The rnai lorde r_pro process, which polls directory and properly renames and moves any l'v'lAl LURDER files to for pick?up by MAILORDER. The strong aeleator targe ti rig process which for any tas?ng updates or full loads. it receives a message frcim the SSDM that updates are available, a response receipt is generated and sent to Next, strong_ae 1e cto r_targeting processes the UTT upd atesftasking files and writes the processed files to . (UHFOUO) Another receipt is generated after processing of an updateffull load is complete. The message indicates success or failure and is also placed into foutputsfmailorder_working. Note: (UHFOUO) The atrong_aele:tor_targeting process will request a reload if it receives SIGUSRZ, if it starts up and seesutt . ae 1e ctora is still there, or if it starts up and has no targeting. 5 SECRETHRELTO USA, i=va