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SECRETHRELTO use, F?v?E?i (U) VolP Configuration and Forwarding Read Me Overview In the late 1990s, voice over IP lVolP} emerged as an alternative to the Time Division Multiplexed technologyr for transporting international voice traffic. Since then, ?v'oIP has developed into a widerr used technologyr that accounts for a large percentage of cross-border voice traffic. NUCLEON is NSAW's signals intelligence voice, facsimile, video and pre?released transcription repositorv. It supports over 8000 users worldwide and is composed of T5 operational servers receiving voice, fax, video, and tag files per day. This ii'eaar Me provides procedures for configuring to generate and forward ?v'oIP hits to NUCLEON. Pie-Configuration Raquirements Before configuring xkscanfig for Vol processing you must: 1. Confirm UTT tasking is in place for the selectors to be used. Please refer to the UTT Configuration Me to ensure tasking has been set up. 2. Confirm MAILCIRDER is con?gured to pick up MAILCIRDER files from the directors:r on the Master server. To do this, create a MAILCIRDER ticket to set up the pick-up directoryr for your Master XKS server: a. Type go mail order in the URL field of a browser on a high?side computer. b. Click Remedy Ti oket near the top right of the screen. The Remedy Ticket Submission screen will appear. c. In the bottom half of the Remedyr Ticket Submission screen is two vellow Submit Remeay Ticket buttons. Click the top button of the two. (This ticket pertains to New Data?Flow}. The ITSC login screen will appear. d. Enter the SID of your alternate PCJC and then click Continue. A screen containing contact information for you and your will appear. e. Added it the contact information as appropriate and then click Continue to go to the Data transport service screen. f. Click Dataflow request and then click Continue. The Requestfar New Data Fiaw on an Existing Transport System screen will appear. SECRET TO use, or er
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REL TO USA, g. Enter as much information as you can. In the Data Flow Gfonge Description field, specifically indicate that the pick?up directory should be: Rf outputs I ma il order h. Click Submit. You will receive a con?rmation e?mail indicating the ticket has been received and more information may be requested before the ticket can be completed. Overall, the process might take anywhere from a few days to a week to complete. Configuring xks.con?g for UolP Prone ssing Configuration for Vol can be accomplished in just three steps: 1. 2. Log on as the user oper. (UHFOUO) At the command line from within any directory, type vi config and then press Enter. The xkscon?'g file will open. (Uff?FClUCll In the Configuration section of xksconfr'g, set the following configurations: a. voip yes This runs the Voleork?ows. b. yo ip_mode site This indicates that normal site ?y'olP work?ows will run. Clther yalid values are: overlord: runs workflows for the oyerlord server to do cross?cluster pairing at the same site. oroa a_a ite runs workflows for the central ?y'oIP server to do pairing. c. yo ip_taaking_a ite_utt {ole fault ye a} This uses UTT tasking from the site SSDM. It assumes you have an SSDM at site that is sending UTT tasking to KKEYSCCI RE and that you have ?utt yes? in the xks.config ?le (see UTT configuration}. d. yo ip_taaking_a {default :no This controls where VolP uses files from. By default, it uses the ?les from Note: If you are using target number directory [tndl tasking, then you must change the setting to yes. Proyided tnd=yea in the script will write a file to e. vo ip_taaking_royale_fi le {default :no} This controls whether or not is used. This file represents the legacy way of tasking ?y'olP, but it is not guaranteed to be completely legal for any site. By defaultused and should only be used as a last option when no site?specific tasking is available. 2 REL TO USA,
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REL TO USA, er f. voip_forwarc1_voioe=enable=yea fcii="FDD" This enables forwarding of voice captures. Set the file distribution indicator (fdil to the MAILURDER trigraph for voice (FUD). Configure lo oal_fdi if you want to route local zip codes to a different fdi. Zip codes that begin with are forwarded to FD1, zip codes that start with go to FDZ, and zip codes that start with go to FD3. g. yo ip_forward_fax=enable=yea, fdi="DEF" lo This enables forwarding of captured faxes. The ?le distribution indicator lfdi} should be set to the MAILURDER trigraph for faxes. And, set the local_fdi if you want to route local zip codes that start with to a different fdi. h. are ip_forward_ciiotionar ie a: This indicates that forwarding dictionaries will use UTT selectors. i. cation This overrides the default classi?cation of the system. By default this option is commented out, but it can be uncommented and modified. Additional Processes In addition to editing ?y'oIP configurations in xkscon?'g, it is important to execute seyeral set? up processes. As the oper user, execute the following commands only after entering the configurations in xkscon?g: . (UHFOUO) xka setup voip This ensures all VolP configurations are applied where applicable. 2. xka rayno puah_oonfig: This pushes any changes to the slaves in the cluster. 3. xka proo aafereatart: After setup is complete, this restarts pro CE aa_data_p arent a for the new configuration to take effect. This process loads all the dictionaries and fingerprints and then performs dictionary scanning, metadata extraction, databasing of metadata, and archival of content. When the parent is ?nished reloading, it will do a staggered restart of its children based on which slaye the parent is running on. 3 REL TO USA, er