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Jul. 1 2015 — 9:52 a.m.

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TUP USA, AUS, CAN, GER, NZL Eccz Allen l-lalniltcn ABET E92 Using XKS tn find and search far embedded in dncuments will parse cut the inside cf like MS foice and emails. If ynnire traffic hasnit aged cf, lead it intn a scssicn 1wiewer and hcpefully ycuill see where there?s a cr attachment. See here, this spreadsheet has a Inge in it. l] IE cam I lE-l] I I: A Faun-45am v: I (TSHSIHREL) XKEYSC DRE takes that and calls it an attachment. Click an Attachments tn see all cf the attachments. IHULULIUII 06:23:14 Sessinn Header Attachments -- (UHFUUCI) In the Attachments windnw, lack cnes with nr png. image_sumrnaerantagejpeg datument_hudr.1.tst unknuanj?lplain unknewnj?hplain unknunnj??jitml imag dntu me Derived NSAICSSM 1-52 Dated: Declassify On: E{134{l4{ll TOP USA, AUS, CAN, GER, NZL
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TCIP USA, AUS, CAN, GER, NZL (UHFDUO) Nntinn the hash nf TE 'uir'us scar results sing IMAGE Fnrmatter I (TSHSIHREL) an ynu takn tha 32-nharantar hash (ng. tins Ftincadcch34946f3a9?'6103d?f2) and pasta that intn a Dnnuniant Matadata saarnh undnr tha FilnfEnibaddad Iniagn Hash finld: Search: Mntanlata Query Mama: Ismltaithj Justi?catinn: FilEIEmbeddEdImagE, Hash [fulltest]. (TSHSIHREL) Bafnna ynu hit submit, ynu MUST think if the nnuld ha used by 5- EYES prntantad antitins. It shnuld gn withnut saying, but takn nstra pranautinn if ynu think it nnuld hring bank S-EYES traffic. What wnuld ynu dn tn ansura it?s fnnaign?? Mayhn AND that with a nnuntry?? Hamlmutwtl: IE-E whats-ninja- I i-?ithleL-d a: I I ##3dech sum: IF Andreas: I I I I Tn Part: I I Part: I I Tn tinunl'ry: AF "r IFirhar (TSHSIHREL) Than hit submit and shank ynur Insults. Ynur ras ults MAY ynu antual files that warn sant tn and frnni panpla ynu?aa DEWEY HEARD OF (hnw is that?) Happy hunting. . - TOP TD USA, AUS, CAN, GER, NZL