Episode 7: Shapearl

Somebody — May. 12

Having taken her investigation as far as she can, Shapearl moves on to an even bigger fight: making sure this never happens to anyone else’s…

Coming Up on the Season Finale

Somebody — May. 5

After Shapearl and the Invisible Institute hand over all of their evidence to Chicago Police, the job is not done. In this Episode 7 season finale preview, Shapearl gives a glimpse into her life beyond Courtney's case as she advocates…

Episode 6: The Tipster

Somebody — May. 2

Shapearl receives a Facebook message from someone with crucial information, but police dismiss the tip. On Halloween night 2018, there’s a similar murder in the neighborhood where Courtney was shot. Shapearl and Alison decide to tell detectives what they know.…

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