Monetary Blowback: How U.S. Wars, Sanctions, and Hegemony Are Threatening the Dollar’s Reserve Currency Dominance

Intercepted — Jun. 7

This week, strategists at JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank, warned there are signs of “de-dollarization” around the world. Dedollarization is the push by countries, including…

Imran Khan’s Ousting and the Crisis of Pakistan’s Military Regime

Intercepted — May. 31

For the past few weeks, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been at the center of an unprecedented political crisis. In the lead-up to new elections, Khan was arrested and released on corruption charges intended to keep him out…

Henry Kissinger’s Bloody Legacy

Intercepted — May. 25

An Intercept investigation, years in the making, reveals previously unpublished, unreported, and underappreciated evidence of hundreds of civilian casualties that were kept secret during the conflict in Cambodia and remain almost entirely unknown to the American people. This week on…

Imran Khan: U.S. Was Manipulated By Pakistan Military Into Backing Overthrow

Deconstructed — Jun. 6

Imran Khan became Pakistan’s prime minister through a most unusual route. As he explained in an interview on Sunday night, Khan was for decades the…

A Dmitri Rebuttal by Messaging Expert Anat Shenker-Osorio

Deconstructed — Jun. 2

Why is “fund the police” a losing message for Democrats? That’s the question and type of messaging Deconstructed is exploring this week with Anat Shenker-Osorio, the founder of ASO Communications and host of the podcast “Words to Win By.” Grim…

Economist Stephanie Kelton on the Debt Limit, a Potential Catastrophe We’re Risking for No Reason

Deconstructed — May. 26

Ever since Congress created a federal debt limit, it has managed to raise it before U.S. borrowing reached the limit. For the first time, it looks as though that may not happen, and the government could conceivably default on its…

American ISIS Trailer

American ISIS — July 13 2021

American ISIS is an eight-episode podcast that tells the remarkable story of Russell Dennison, an American ex-convict and Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State…

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