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At The Intercept, we strive to hold the powerful accountable with truthful and aggressive reporting. We seek to be fair in our coverage, which means allowing people and institutions a reasonable window to respond to reporters’ inquiries before publishing a story that contains significant revelations about them. It does not mean mandating “balance” when one perspective on a subject — such as the science of climate change, or the justification for a war crime — is clearly without merit.

While we recognize that writers have a point of view, we insist that they be accurate in their reporting; rigorous, comprehensive, and ethical in their methods; and transparent with readers about how they have arrived at their conclusions. And when we make mistakes, we hold ourselves accountable.

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For an overview of our journalism’s reach and impact, see First Look Institute’s annual report. For information about the composition of our editorial staff and our organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts, see the summary of The Intercept’s annual demographic survey.

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