American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump

An Intercepted audio documentary series offers a comprehensive analytical history of the Trump presidency. Featuring in-depth examination of Trump’s extreme agenda, the roots of U.S. history, and the policies of Trump’s predecessors, the series seeks to analyze the question: Is Trump the worst president in U.S. history?

Host and Executive Producer: Jeremy Scahill
Editor-in-Chief: Betsy Reed
Producers: Jack D’Isidoro, Laura Flynn, Elise Swain
Mixing: Rick Kwan
Art Direction: Philipp Hubert, Elise Swain, Soohee Cho
Photo Illustrations: Elise Swain
Product Development: Stephanie Harris, Carl Licata, Fei Liu, LJ Ruell
Transcription: Lucie Kroening
Copy Editor: Nara Shin
Legal: Kay Murray