Emily Cohen Ibañez

Head shot of Emily Cohen Ibañez
Emily Cohen Ibañez is a Latinx filmmaker who earned her doctorate in Anthropology (2011) with a certificate in Culture and Media at New York University. Her film work pairs lyricism with social activism, advocating for labor, environmental, and health justice. Her debut feature documentary BODIES AT WAR/MINA (2015) premiered at El Festival de Cine de Bogotá where it was nominated for a UNICEF award. In 2019, the Guardian published her short, DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, which also played at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco. Her short IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR PERFORM OPERATION FIRST CASUALTY (2007) premiered at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and Society for Visual Anthropology. She is currently completing her second documentary feature, FRUITS OF LABOR, a lyrical coming-of-age story about a teenage farmworker who dreams of graduating highschool. The National Science Foundation, Fulbright, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, BAVC National Media Maker, JustFilms Ford Foundation, California Humanities, Nia Tero, Firelight Media Documentary Lab, 4th World Indigenous Media Lab Fellowship, Berkeley Film Foundation, and SFFILM FilmHouse Residency Program have supported her work.