Fahim Abed

Head shot of Fahim Abed
Fahim Abed was a local reporter for the New York Times in Afghanistan until the Taliban takeover of the country in August 2021, when he was evacuated from Kabul with a number of his colleagues and relocated to the United States. Abed was part of the Times team that won an Overseas Press Club Award for coverage of Afghanistan. Prior to joining the Times in 2016, he worked as a producer and reporter with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, the BBC World Service, and various local outlets in Afghanistan. He is a 2019 alum of the East-West Center’s fellowship program and an Afghanistan Observatory Scholar with New America. In the spring of 2022, he joined the Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a visual journalist through the World Association of News Publishers’ Afghan Journalist Appeal program.

A 2023 Nieman fellow, Abed is studying migration and American history with a focus on Asian migrants to the U.S. and the integration challenges they face.