Liliana Segura

Liliana Segura is a journalist and editor with a longtime focus on prisons, prisoners, and the failings and excesses of the U.S. criminal justice system — from wrongful convictions to the death penalty. She covered these and other issues most recently as an editor at The Nation, where she edited a number of award-winning stories. Previously she was a senior editor at AlterNet, where she was in charge of civil liberties coverage during the early days of Obama’s presidency.

She has appeared on CNN International, MSNBC, DemocracyNow! and several other news outlets. Her writing has been reprinted in numerous places, from prison publications to “The Best American Legal Writing” to, most recently, the collection “Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You.” Liliana is on the board of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and the Applied Research Center, a U.S. racial justice think tank. She lives in Brooklyn.

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