Head shot of Murderville
Murderville, an investigative podcast hosted by senior Intercept reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith, examines the systemic failures that lead to wrongful convictions.
Murderville, Texas: Harris County, Texas, has sent more people to death row than any jurisdiction in the nation. Among them is Charles Raby. He confessed to the grisly murder of an elderly woman in Houston in 1992. But the evidence tells a different story — one in which the state went after the wrong man. In the second season of Murderville, Segura and Smith explore faulty forensics, the fallibility of memory, and a system ill-equipped to acknowledge its mistakes. 
Murderville, Georgia: When a brutal murder rocks a small Southern town, residents and police are shocked. Could the new guy in town be the one who did it? Yes, the cops say. Case solved. But then another murder happens. And another. In the end: four bodies, two convictions, and one man in prison for a crime he likely did not commit. In Season One, Smith and Segura uncover what happens when authorities lock up their first suspect, leaving another man free to kill.