I’m thrilled to announce that Lee Fang will be joining The Intercept as Investigative Reporter.

Lee has focused his journalism on the myriad ways powerful industries and individuals in Washington use their money, connections and clout to promote public policies that further entrench their power. His exposés have shown how this feedback loop operates at think tanks and media organizations as well as on K Street and in the halls of Congress. At The Intercept, Lee will continue to cover political corruption in a range of areas, from energy to war to financial regulation, with special attention to the murky world of military and intelligence contracting—what James Risen has called “the Homeland Security Industrial Complex.”

Having edited Lee’s articles at The Nation before joining the Intercept, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with him again. Like all good investigative reporters, Lee always has more great stories up his sleeve than any single person could possibly write. It’s often impossible to choose just one, which is exactly the kind of problem an editor wants to have.

After starting out as a blogger for ThinkProgress, Lee became a fellow with The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund in 2012, and he has contributed to The Nation, Vice, Republic Report, BillMoyers.com and other outlets. He published his first book, The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right, in 2013.

He will be based in First Look Media’s San Francisco office beginning on February 17.