“Millennials Rising” Super PAC Is 95% Funded by Old Men

91 percent of the donations to “Millennials Rising” — formerly “Millennials for Jeb” — come from 72-year-old billionaire Robert A. Day.

Illustration: The Intercept

According to recent FEC filings, 95 percent of the donations to the Super PAC “Millennials Rising” — originally called “Millennials for Jeb” — comes from men 60 years and older.

Of the $54,960 total raised by the Super PAC, $50,000, or 91 percent, comes from the snowy-haired, 72-year-old billionaire Robert A. Day. He is the grandson of Superior Oil founder William Myron Keck and a former investment manager. Day has also given $1 million to the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to Rise.

The Twitter account of Millennials Rising describes Millennials Rising as “started and run by Millennials.”  Its website calls for “limited government” and simultaneously decries both the national debt and taxes as too high.

Four other non-millennials have donated to Millennials Rising, three of whom are listed in FEC filings as “retired”:

• Harry McMahon, 61, gave $1,000. McMahon was an investment banker with Merrill Lynch for three decades until he resigned last year.

• George Thompson, 71 years old and retired, gave $300.

• Daniel Hillman, 58 years old and retired, donated $250.

• Richard Agnew, 64, donated $750. Agnew is chairman of Van Ness Feldman, a large Washington, D.C., law firm specializing in the energy sector.

The Super PAC does have three other donors who are in fact millennials:

• Remington Tonar, 28, donated $1,000.

• Harout Samra, age 33, gave $500.

• C. W. Lucas Agnew, the 22-year-old founder of Millennials Rising, has donated $230. Agnew is currently a staff assistant on the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

An ad recently released by the Super PAC attacks Donald Trump as a “reality TV star” and pulses with exactly the kind of rock soundtrack to which, we understand, the youth of today respond:

(Thank you to Dave Levinthal of Public Integrity, who pointed out on Twitter that Millennials Rising is bankrolled by Day.)


Top photo: Robert A. Day: Brian VanderBrug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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